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Hey guys - just wanted to share our good news that our 175 visa has been granted!!!

Really quick as we only lodged it in May 2011!


We're going to book a holiday for October this year to activate our visas, and hopefully will be able to move by summer next year!!!


Anyone in Perth whos up for meeting up in October, it'd be great to meet people already out there!



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That's great news Sarah, well done!  October is a good time to come, it will be warming up nicely by then.  Let me know when you're coming, I'll treat you to a coffee at UWA!

Thanks Paul - was going to come over in your winter time - but just can't afford it that soon! Really looking forward to coming out - coffee sounds good! :-)

Congratulations now the adventure really starts.  We will hopefully be there in October too as we are looking at September to move.  Its all starting to feel a lot more real now!

Hi Sarah, I'm really pleased for you, we have just started the process and like you, hoping to go to Perth, although we would be moving in 2014 but going to visit next spring or summer to hopefully validate our visa's, fingers crossed!! I've saw some of your previous posts and they've been quite helpful to me. If there is any useful hints or tips you can give us I'd be so grateful!! Good luck for the future, Susan x

Hey Laura - We'll be going from 12th to 26th Oct - perhaps we could meet for a coffee or something?!

Had such a buzz all day, can't wait to book the holiday!

Thanks Susan - we'll hopefully be moving out there in Summer 2013, so give us a yell if you fancy meeting up that summer, or in 2014!


great news Sarah , its such a relief when you get it we know how you feel , now you can realy start planning for the big move .  We have just got home from a trip down south to say goodbye to relatives . Only 7 days to go now and we head off to our new life .

Thanks David! We've just started looking into booking our hol for activating visa! We won't be moving out until Summer 2013 but I'm sure that'll come round really quick!


You must be excited now - where exactly are you heading to again? Hope you've got everything sorted, good luck with your move and let us know how you get on! :-)

We are off to new plymouth  ,  new zealand , we fly out from dyce next wednesday .

How long has it taken you to get your visa from when you decide to go for it.My partner and i want to go but wondering time scale.Any advice would be much apreciated.x

Hi david you must be so excited, good luck!

Dianne, our 175 visa took 9 months, so much quicker than the 18 months they're saying on website, but I think the process is away to change again this july so don't know what will happen after that!

Good luck and let us know if we can help u with anything else :-)
Hi Sarah,

Congratulations that was quick!
Can't you hang on till your ready to go instead of going on holiday and validating surely that will cost approx 3k.


Thanks Paul!

Don't have time or money to do that - have to activate visas before dec this year - and as a teacher I can only go on hol in either Summer or Oct hols - plus we can just about afford the holiday, but wouldn't be able to save enough in that time to make the move permanently (we also have car finance that doesn't expire until April next year and thats a big chunk of money that we'd lose a lot of if we had to settle it early.


Don't want to move only to find we didn't save enough and we'd have to come home!


Holiday is going to be quite pricey - about 4k with 2 weeks self-catering and a hire car, and of course the flights are expensive during the school holidays!

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