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Can anyone recommend revision materials for the academic IELTS test please.

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Hi Michelle

You could try But don't rely on possibly outdated IELTS material to be found on the internet that is sometimes in breach of copyright. Alternatively, YouTube has a number of good instructional videos.

hi michelle...simone braverman has set up the Ielts blog and i found it superb, you can pay a very small fee and download her book/practice materials its very good...and they also have an online marking service where you can complete a writing paper example and then they will mark it for you...i used it and it definitely improved my scores to 8.5! Good luck x
Thank you both. I have seen simones website long did you revise for? I daren't book it!!!
Hi Michelle i revised for a couple of weeks as i was offered a test date only 16 days after i brave a book it! :-) I was successfull on my first attempt however i felt reassurance by the fact that i could retake it as many times as i needed until i got my grades (i needed 8's) for nursing accreditation. My friend took it three times before she secured her grades so as i mentioned practice lots! good luck let me know how you get on

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