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For the past 4 years, I have lived and worked in China for 9 months of the year, working as a Native English Teacher.

The reasons for this being :-

  1. There was a recession in the Telecommunications Industry at the end of 1999, and 'Share' prices fell for just about every Telecomms related company, in mot parts of the world!

  2. The American Company, 'NETRIX Corp.' that I worked for and was promoted me to 'Engineering Manager - Asia Pacific' to establish an Asia Pacific TAC (Technical Assistance Center), based in Hong Kong, closed their Asia Pac office in an futile effort to save funds and stay afloat (slosing US Offices and forming a Partnership with a Chinese Company capable of producing the electronic products @ 50% USA costs and moving HKG office into Mainland China may well have proved much more effective)?
  3. The ex Netrix VP-EMEA. and the VP- Asia, formed a 'Start-up' company 'Congruent International (HKG) Ltd.'  Essentially 'outsourced' network of Distributors worldwide (establishing a Conguent International Office in UK, Italy and in Boston, USA), to handle them, whilst sharing the costs of doing business to multiple 'complementary'  telecommunication product manufacturers. 
    Savings of 60% was still not enough for some of the smaller companies who signed up to this Conguent 'Cost Sharing' outsouring arrangement.
    Amother client Sonoma Systems with an excellent BIAD product to allow 'legacy' telecommunication equipemt to interface with ATM backbones, delivering Fibre-Optic interfaces. This was much like Primary Multiplexers allowed legacy equiplement to connect to E1 or T1 connections, that I gained a lot of experience on with 'Eurotel' that was utilesed with multiple Fibre Optic Trunk interfaces, Dual PSU's and Redundant CPU Control Cards, for the 'Trans Manche' (Channel Tunnel) Projects as well as many London Underground Networks upgrades, and MTR in Hong Kong.
  4. I retired at age 50, and was living in Cebu, Philippines at that time, having left Hong Kong on 1st May 2001.  The Exchange Rate was GBP1 to PHP105 back in 2005 and the monthly electric bill was PHP3,000.   Today it is down to PHP62 and the Electric Bill has doubled. 
    I had to consider earning more money to suplement income from investments and deposits.
  5. I picked up some work in Cebu as an ESL Teacher.  I had given Training Courses on Technical Products before and to students where English was a Second Language, before.  The problem being beyond Winter and Summer Camps, there was not enough works as a Native English Teacher to provide all the year around income.

This is why I sought work as a Native English Teacher in China that gave works for 9-10 months a year (and I could pick up 1 month in Winter, the and Summer, in Cebu, doing English Camps, if I wanted to).

I have signed up to a 5th year of Teaching in China - Hunan University in Changsha starting in September.

Whilst there is a chance of renewing Contracts, year after year until I reach the age of 66, to get my UK State Pension, I would like to consider if there was any chance in getting a job back in Telecommunications that will better utililise my 30+ years of experience, rather than being a fluent, native English speaking Teacher.

I have heard it is difficult to find jobs in Australia (and probably New Zealand also), if one is over the age of 50?   I am now over the age of 60, so does that mean there is no chance of me working 'Down Under', regardless of my background and experience?

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457 visas are capped at 45.  I think there are other options; check the  DIAC website:

Thanks Paul,

SkillSelect is an online service tha t helps Australia manage its skilled migration programme. It helps to ensure that the skilled migration programme is based on Australia's economic needs. It supports the government in managing who can apply for skilled migration, when they can apply and in what numbers. As a result, the time taken to process a visa application is significantly reduced.

I submitted an EOI on

But when I got to the next stage:-

Select visa types

Points Tested Skilled Migration

You can apply for this visa if you meet the basic requirements. You must

  • be invited to apply
  • be nominated by an Australian state or territory government
  • be younger than 50 years of age when you were invited to apply
  • nominate an occupation that is on the relevant skilled occupation list
  • have a suitable skills assessment for your nominated occupation when you were invited to apply, assessed by the relevant assessing authority
  • be able to meet the pass mark in the points test and be able to demonstrate a points score equal to or greater than your invited score
  • have at least competent English when you were invited to apply

    So it looks like anyone over 50 will NOT be considered, regardless of what Skills, Knowledge, and Experience, and Qualifications they may have.

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