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Hey guys - we have just come back from a weekend in our nearest city Edinburgh and it dawned on me that if we were looking to move there then we wouldn't have a clue what areas were good/bad/indifferent, as we have no friends that come from there to advise us!


As we'll be in the same position as that when go looking around Perth, I wondered if there are places that we should definately avoid?


Everyone has there own opinion on what is good, but I think most peoples ideas of the really bad places will be the same...?!?!


We have been looking at rentals in places like Scarborough, Wanneroo, Victoria Park, and Joondalup - all NOR, it will all depend on where we can get jobs, but are worried that even if an area looks good, it might not necessarily be as good as it looks!


Any insights into any bad areas of Perth would be good, thanks!!! :-)

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Like anywhere, there are good and bad parts to most suburbs.  All the places you mention above fall into that category. Scarborough will be expensive and though it has the beach it's also known for being rowdy.  Wanneroo is nice but miles from the beach and if you don't have a car  you will struggle to get anywhere.  Joondalup is one suburb over from where I live and it's nice but again can get rowdy at night, mostly in the centre.  Know nothing about Victoria Park other than it's SOR.

Nollamara is one to definitely avoid.

When we moved we focused on an area west of the Mitchell Freeway and south from Burns Beach Road in the north and down to the river in the south, and generally speaking most suburbs in that zone are good; more expensive the closer you get to the ocean or towards the river.

Thanks Paul - thats really handy - i know alot of suburbs will be a complete mix, but in our local city there are whole parts you would want to avoid as its full of druggies, etc.


We'll get some idea in October when we activate our visa but as I say looks can be decieving, so we'll make sure we get a short term rental when we first move.

Have you got your visa now...?

Getting a short let is a good idea.

Hi Paul - not yet - The lady at the medical centre said our medical results should be put onto our application by today (they're not up yet though - I've just checked!)

So they must be checking them at the doctors today, then once they're up I'm going to e-mail our case officer, so it'll be next week now :-(

Can't wait to find out!

In the latest issue of Australia & NZ magazine there's a feature from Brits Katie & Sarah who launched to give just this kind of advice to people who didn't know where to go when they get to Perth.

If you contact them, I'm sure that they'll be able to help.



Thanks Damian - I saw that - going to have a look on their website! Poms in Oz website has been handy too!

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