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Community Staff Nurses/District Nurses who've made/considering the move to Australia!!!

Hi all

I'm new to the forums. I'm a Community Staff Nurse who qualified in 2006 with a DipHe (Adult) Nursing. I have 5 years experience within the Community but have not topped up my qualification to Degree level.

I am wanting to hear other Community/District nurses experiences of moving to Australia and finding work within the Community. I have been doing some research but it seems a little confusing. Were posts within the Community reasonably easy to find?? Have you found it relatively easy to transfer your skills to Australian practice?? Would it be advantageous for me to complete my Degree top up before considering the move?? 

Ideally i would like to move to the Brisbane area. I do not have a particular timescale in mind at the moment. But is something i would like to plan for the future.

I have attended a Down Under Live event and was informed i would qualify for a Skilled Independent Visa

Any experiences/advice very much appreciated!!



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Hi Annie,
Although I can't offer any advice I just wanted to introduce myself. I am set to qualify in September (doing my adult nursing degree) and have a great interest in also working in the community. Would like to stay in touch to share any info that may be useful to each other along the way?
Michelle x

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