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Hi, my husband & I & our little girl are in the process of emigrating to Queensland next year. Can any one advise if we can still make regular monthly payments for direct debits from an australian bank account to our UK bank accounts? I bank with NatWest & my hubby banks with Lloyd's. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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You will be able to transfer money from and Aussie bank account to your UK account, but I don't think you can pay UK companies direct.

Hi, thanks for your kind response! That's great! Thank you! Will it cost us to do this.. Do you know?

I think it's a couple of dollars per transaction, depending on who you bank with.

Great! Thank you! :-)
Hi Paul, do you know much about Townsville, QLD? What is it like for small children & families? Thanx Dawn
Does anyone know, we are British citizens & when we start to apply for Australian visa's (subclass 186) - once the visa's are issued, is there a restricted/limited time as to when you have to go out to Oz? Thanks .... Also, any idea on the cost for visa's for 2 adults & 1 child (3yrs old)! These will be for permanent residency. Thank you

Hi Dawny,

Know nothing about Townsville, sorry; I live in Perth.  When your visa is issued there is normally a time limit you have to cross the border by, but you can just take a holiday generally, if you aren't ready to move lock stock and barrel. 

Ok! No worries! Thanx again.
When we received our permanent visa to emigrate to Queensland we had 12 months from date of issue. That was 2 years ago but unsure if things have changed since then :-)
Hi Jennifer, thank you for your reply! Oh that's good to know!! We're just waiting for security clearance for my hubby to be confirmed then we will poss start with visa applications! He's joining ADF!! where about in Queensland are you living? What's it like?, do you know much about Townsville? Can u remember approx the cost of visa's if u don't mind me asking? How do you find the culture & people there? Sorry for all the questions!! Just rather curious for us!! Thank you! Dawn x

Hi Dawny

The visa costs can be looked up on the Australian immigration website its really helpful and explains so much, Townsville is a beautiful city and has I think the largest army base in Australia, my best friend is from Townsville and I have spent a fair amount of time there, the people generally are fantastic as are most Queenslanders, just be aware it is hot there all year round there is no getting away from it unless indoors in air conditioning and the humidity can be a killer hope this helps a little.

Transferring money would be better to do in larger lumps if possible then you can make use of the money exchange agents such as Ozforex, HiFX etc. I am affiliated with Ozforex - their minimum moving values are $2000 - you will get better rates than the banks. If you do want to use someone like Ozforex let me know as I can get you some free transactions if you go through my website.

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