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Hi, hope some of you can help me here, my partner and I want to emigrate to Australia but as he hasn't been working as a plumber for 12 months we dont have the points, we saw an agent (at a cost) who said we may be eligible for New Zealand... but to go through them entirely its about £10,000 which is rather a lot !!!
Is it easy enough to do myself or use an Australian or New Zealand Agent...?  As both of us are in our 40's time isn't on our side...Any suggestions and all advice gratefully appreciated on how and what visas if pos!
Many thanks in advance


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As an agent working in this field for 28 years, I may be a little bias. But I can say that many people do their own application. It is quite complicated these days, always was, but more so now as things are changing all the time.

Can you tell me how into your 40s are you, especially your husband? Plumbers will be on the new SOL from ist July, but you may need to get a sponsor. There is lightly also to be a new points test at that date, but we are not certain when, or how it will work. Contact me privatelly if you want me to keep you up to date as changes come in. No charge for that.


No you dont its easy.... Save your cash....
Agree with 10£Pom, have a good browse of, and keep an eye on any of their updates on the home page.
As long as you can read and write you should be okay.
I recommend destination oz, he has helped me a lot, made sure all my paperwork was correct and advised me, all at a very reasonable price (no way near £10,000 ), I paid just over £1000 about 2 years ago,, tel 0208 543 5915. I think a lot of agencies are overpriced, all you need is advice and someone to make sure your paperwork is in order before you send it, without Micks help I would still be waiting for my trade evaluation, which after his advice only took 3 weeks. If you want someone to do all the work for you, then you will have to pay a premium, Check him out he specialises in tradespeople.

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