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Just wondering whether anyone has been to either Koolewong or Woy Woy Bay, and if so, what's your opinion of what it's like in these places?  I'm all ears, and hoping someone out there may be able to fill me in.

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Hi Adele,like you we are interested in Woy Woy,and was keen to if you got any reply to your request for info
We have done the usual Google searching but have not found much at all.Have you had any ljoy?
regards Trevor
Hi Trevor. I've had zilch response to my query. Amazing considering how many members there are here!! Like you, I've done searches via google and other Oz web sites, but there's not a great deal of info out there. I was hoping to get opinions from people who've been there, but it seems like a well hidden spot!
Will let you know if I do manage to get anything.
Cheers. Adele
Hi Adele,

I used to live in Sydney, and had a dear friend in Woy Woy. It is spectacular. There are many beaches surrounding Woy Woy -- Ocean Beach, Avoca, Avalon and others, it is the last train stop before the train goes over the water north to Gosford, on the Central Coast. The train ride from Sydney is gorgeous, you ride through the mountains, and right on the river. Woy Woy has all the shopping that you need and is about 1 hour train ride into Sydney. I loved it there. And besides, they have a backwards parade for Spike Milligan every year!
Spike Milligans mother was from Woy Woy, he always joked that the place was so small the local hooker was a virgin! :-)
Hi Adele, thought I would write something slightly more sensible now! We haven't been through Woy Woy but checked out neighbouring areas. We have been to Avoca Beach, Terrigal and The Entrance. These areas are very beautiful, having the lakes and the beach nearby. To someone from the UK they seem quiet, but good quiet!
Property prices can be a little high, as it is (for some) within commuting distance of Sydney. But then you can usually find something to fit your budget most places.
There is very little difference between towns north of Sydney, all seem very pretty with fabulous countryside, rivers and lakes. A lot of the towns as you head in land are very Quaint, and look like something out of the wild west! We are a little over 3 hous north of Sydney, not too far from us is a town called Wingham. The town advertises it's self as a typically "English." This amuses us as, to us it looks like cowboys will at any minute wander from the various saloon bars, climb on their horses and gallop away! That said it is very nice and the village green is about 10 acres, surrounded by shops, cafes and saloons.
Thanks very much Nancy and Michael. Info you provided is very much appreciated. I have now added Woy Woy and Wingham to my "must see" places for my next visit to Sydney. Maybe I can time it to be there for the "Backwards Parade"! I didn't realise that Spike's mother was from Woy Woy, so I've learned quite a lot of new info about the place.
Wingham sounds interesting too, I love the little "wild west" towns in Oz, so much character and a step back in time.
Thanks again for taking the time to reply.

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