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Hi everyone, getting meds done today - not liking the fact we have to get bloods, but exciting all the same - this is our last step on our visa journey (hopefully!)

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good luck Sarah , not long to go now


Hey - thanks, so glad thats out of the way - got complete phobia of blood tests! They had to get a doctor through to try calm me down - what an idiot I am!!! :-)


They've got the online system in place, so they said the Immi dept. will have the results by fri - then we'll drop our case officer an e-mail and keep our fingers crossed!!!



Hi there I am new to this site and am after some advice. I lodged an appl for the GSM 176 on 8/01/2012 following a postive skills assessment and VIC SS. When I submitted the appl I got a checklist of all the docs required and these included all the meds forms and the police clearance links etc. I uploaded what I had booked my and family meds.  I went for meds on the day I was allocated a CO which was 23/01/2012. I applied for the police clearance as well that week. The CO's email asked for all the docs I had originally uploaded. So I emailed all the docs to the CO  including the police clearance when it came. My case officer then send me an email on the 13thof feb which reads,

"Thank you for your emails.
I note that you have completed your health assessments. I would advise that you not complete anything that I have not requested like Health checks and Police Clearance Certificates as they are only valid for one year and this does affect entry dates.
Every visa application varies and can take different time frames to complete so please do not send anything other than what has been requested.
At this stage no further documents are required and I will contact you when firther information is needed.
Kind Regards, "


I replied telling him that I thought I was suppose to do everything on the checklist. Anyway its got me all worried now, It just was not clear enough that I should have waited for the CO to request themeds and PC

Hi Tinashe James - don't worry too much just now, I think the 176 visas are processed a bit quicker that the 175 I applied for.

Hopefully your meds/police checks will still be valid when they process your visa further - it just means that your year to activate the visa will be based on the expriy date of your meds/police check (whichever expires first)


Many people take the risk to do meds, etc earlier than asked to try and make it a quicker process once assigned a case officer.


Hope this helps a bit! :-)

Hi Sarah, thank you for your reply. It has put my mind at rest, I hope it is processed before the meds expire. I hope your 175 will be granted soon.

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