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Hello all

Can any one give me some advice on medicals, I am overweight due to having a thyroid problem, and does anyone know if this will stop me from going. I have been told that I may not need to have a medical if I get sponsored does anyone know this to be true. Any advice would be grateful. xxx

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Hi Rach,

I'm pretty sure everyone has a medical.

My boss has a thyroid problem and she got in no trouble.  Just make sure you're honest about everything and as long as you take medication to keep it under control you should be OK.  Remember there's no NHS here and your medication may be expensive.



Im not entirely certain which visa youre applying for, however we obtained 176 sponsored visa and all family members had to have medicals. I read somewhere during our process that as long as you are not going to be financially reliant due to chronic health problems, you should be ok. Although I sam not certain.


good luck with process.


Don't know about employer sponsored visas, but the medical for the 176 or 175 it depends on how high your BMI if being overweight is an issue or not, as well as any other related issues.

If your BMI is under 40 its fine. If its over 40 it will be referred, but that doesn't mean it won't then get passed - if your blood pressure is ok and all your other meds are fine then you're ok (this is based on knowledge of a couple of people in this situation). If you have other medical issues (as you do), you need to take along your medical notes that comment about your condition etc for the medical doctor to look at, and to send on to the panel doctors - basically is your condition going to cost Australia lots of money? I would hazard a guess that Thyroid problems aren't the most complex in the medical world in terms of long term hugely expensive care, worst case scenario you need it removed (it can go the other way having been underactive for years, and be overactive and need removing).

If your blood pressure is also high then again it complicates matters, but again its not the end of the world. The medicals don't seem to be a huge stumbling block really ime, they can just hold things up for a while, but generally get passed.

HTH a bit

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