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Hi everyone, really glad to be onboard here.

I currently have a prospective marriage application in (I'm in England and marrying an Australian) and just have to do the medical and police check. I have the medical in a weeks time (along with my 2 children even though they aren't coming with me) and the police check is going off tomorrow. This means that my case officer will have all the information at the end of the month. I'm not expecting anything untoward back from the checks.

Does anyone know from experience when I would most likely hear back? Also we have planned our wedding for March 2015. Would they just back date the visa 9 months from then or not take any notice of that and just issue the visa and expect us to get married within the 9 months. 

Many thanks, Mark

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My visa came through in about 6 weeks, but I had been married for 16 years by the time I applied!  Not sure how long things are currently taking, but the usual advice on spousal visas is between  6-8 months.

Hi Paul, thanks very much for replying. It was great your visa came through so quick. As you've pointed out I'm only engaged to be married. 

After posting this I contacted my case officer to say the police checks were done and I had my medical to find out what the waiting time is 8-9 months which put a downer on things as my fiancee and were hoping it would come through earlier.

What did you base the 6-8 months on?


That was the advice they used to give; of you've been asked for the medical and had your police checks, chances are you will get it sooner than 8-9 months.

Good luck in any event!

Thanks for replying Paul. It's been a long old slog and my fiancee and I are hoping that it will be before the 8-9 months as that means it will be July until I can get over there.

Assume you've been asked for Stat Decs as well?  I found it took longer to get that stuff together than it did to get the visa!  But it's worth it in the end, so hang in there!

I've give them all the information they've asked for and they've said they don't need anything else. So in effect they've had everything from 28th Feb.I submitted the visa the back end of October.

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