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Just to update those who feel they have seen their application come to grinding halt.
We lodged our 176 gsm on mar 09, and have eventually been asked to get our Medicals done.
We have 28 days to submit them. 
Question. Does anyone know how long it takes once you have submitted Medicals to get the vis.
We are flying out April andhope to activate them on this trip. 
Thanks Peter

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It can be as fast as  2 - 3 weeks later. :-)

Thanks for this. Hopefully we will have out visa in Jan then. Happy days :-)

Michael J Kelly said:

It can be as fast as  2 - 3 weeks later. :-)

My sister had her's done last month and even though the results are back, she is still waiting on ACT.  They have just asked her for more information even though her visa has been approved and apparently it's just a matter of waiting for it... seems not :(. I hope you get yours through quicker but it just seems to always be 1 step forward and 2 steps back.
Hi, we had our medicals at end of Oct 201 and was issued visas 2 weeks later...good luck with it all.
get packing it wont be long now! depends how quick your case worker is we had ours in 6 weeks.good luck.weve never looked back.theresa.we came out june

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