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I hope somebody out there can give me advice on what to do.  The State of Victoria have come back to us with the following:


"Thank you for your client’s application for Victorian Government sponsorship under the 176 -Sponsored visa scheme.


Following a review of the information you have provided to the Skilled and Business Migration Program, we regret to inform you that the Victorian Government is not in a position to sponsor your client under the 176 - Sponsored visa scheme. 


During the assessment process, the Victorian Government consults with industry representatives in Victoria, to determine whether your client’s combination of qualifications,  

In this case, our advice indicated that your client’s skills and experience did not match the current industry requirements.   


Note that we would be happy to reassess the application should your client be able to obtain a valid offer of employment in their nominated occupation within Victoria, while the occupation remains eligible for Victorian Government sponsorship."


Firstly having a look on 1 job website last night we found almost 40 jobs that my husband qualifies for... please note this is just of 1 job website, there are loads of others! Now as far as I know no prospective employers are allowed to employ you unless you have the valid visa to work in the country.  How on earth are we going to get an offer of employment when prospective employers know they cannot employ you with the valid visa?  We don't want to be on the 457 visa as this is way too risky for us as we have 3 children and cannot take that kind of risk.


Anybodies help or advice will be hugely appreciated.

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Just read your message.

Totally understand why you are reluctant to apple for a 457 when you have children. We felt the same and despite finding an employer that was willing to sponsor us we opted for the longer and more expensive option of a 175 independent skilled visa. You don't need a job offer for that but obviously you need to be in a profession that is listed on the skilled occupation list. We now have our visa and permanent residency.

Could you contact some of the companies that have jobs available and see if they have any suggestions? Thinking back, Andy was actually made an offer of employment before we had even decided which visa to apply for but that was a couple of years ago so things may have changed.

Another friend who was in the same profession didn't qualify for a 175 as she didnt have enough points. She also had children but she went out on a 457 and applied for permanent residency as soon as she was able (after 3 months at that time) and was supported by her employer. She had permanent residency within 6 months of arriving in Australia.

Are there any other states that you would be happy to live in? We were set on Melbourne so if you are of a similar mindset that isnt any help i know!

Don't know if any of that will be any help. It's a long process and at times it's soul destroying but I hope you can find a way of overcoming this problem. Good luck



I sympathise - as going through the process for any VISA class is so time-consuming and frustrating.

Im guessing you went via the 176 State Sponsor to speed up the process. However, there are disadvanatges, as there will be restrictions on your VISA - State bound for a few years.

Why not just go via the 176 without the sponsor - so long as you have a skill on the new Oz SOL - you will get the VISA, but its just a mattter of "When" as oppose to "If". You will then have a VISA to work anywhere - but I understand it may take 2 yrs of waiting.

Or, alternatively, review all the states that has your proffesion in their SOL - and apply for their sponsorship, as each state has different SOLs in demand.

My advice  - is go for the GSM 176 - without sponsor and you WILL get in provided you are on  the SOL - just a time issue.


Good Luck!

Dear Caryn.   I understand your position with the 457. Which occupation was submitted to Vic. Gov ?


I also note your reply from Vic. Gov. starts off ' Thank you for your clients application.......'

Does this mean you have an agent ?


If so, they should be able to offer you the right advice on how to progress from here.




Jim Gordon 

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