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Hey guys - anyone know what the weather is like in July - I know its their winter and its the most rainy during July - but unsure what to pack for, as I've seen that average temperatures can be around 15-18, and thats like here in our summer!!!


Any advice as to whether to pack lots of jumpers/thick jackets, etc would be great!

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It will likely be cold and wet.  Last July got down to 13 in the day, and the evenings will be much colder (about 4-5C).  Having said that, you can also get days of 20+.  I'd pack layers, so if it gets warm you can remove something.

I thought you were coming in October?

Hi Paul - thanks for that info!

Yeah we were coming over in Oct - but it would be a tight squeeze as I only have a 2 week hol in Oct - so we're re-scheduling for July so that it removes some stress from the trip!

It's catch 22 being a teacher for hols - its great to get so many but it restricts us in regards to when we can actually go on hol!


Its typical too, as the ozzie schools have a holiday into July - so I'm going to have to see if we can make the dates later in July so that I can see if I can go into a school to see what its like.

Bear in mind August is like February here; can be coldest month.  On the upside, if you're lucky we'll have an early spring!

Fingers crossed - its been an extremely mild winter over here - we would usually have had loads of snow days off work over winter (last 2 winters have been horrendous!) - but we've had none - and we've had summer days in the last couple of weeks!!!


It'll be good for us to see Perth in winter, as we are looking to live there - so even though it'd be nice to have a sunny, hot holiday it might be better for us to see it when its not like that!

Just booked our flights - now onto the accomodation!!! SO excited!!! :-)

Arrive on the 6th July until 20th!

My parents live in Perth and they are always complaining about how cold it is in July.  I used to live in Queensland and it is beautiful there in July.  I can remember scraping ice off the windscreen of my car in June/July in Melbourne - probably not as cold in Perth as Melbourne gets though.

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