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Moving to Melbourne's Blog – March 2009 Archive (2)

CH 4 Want Nurses

Channel 4 is making a programme about what life is like for nurses and midwives working in NHS hospitals across the UK. In the programme nurses will talk about what they really feel about their jobs, and describe the reality of day to day nursing.

We would like to hear from nurses and midwives who would like to help us and possibly take part. We are interested to find out about specific situations or events during your shifts in hospital and how you find the day to day of working… Continue

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Earthquake hits Melbourne - 6th March 2009

It’s around 9pm and we’re in the middle of watching a film on tv. Suddenly, the window next to us starts shaking quite violently in it’s frame for a few seconds. A bit puzzled we go outside, presuming a gale force wind has just started up. Surprisingly, it is completely still outside..It’s then that we realise we’ve just experienced an earth tremor!


FRIGHTENED Victorians were left shaken… Continue

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