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Restaurant Recommendations

What's your favourite restaurant and why? If you live outside Melbourne and Sydney do you know where you can get a meal after 8.30pm?

Melbourne - Lygon Street - so many good restaurants in one place - nearly all of them open after 8.30pm

Perth - LIttle Creatures - Fremantle

Brisbane - In Manly Celtic Corner and in Wynnum along Bayview Terrace Absolute Thai

Serving up to and sometimes after 10pm Coffee Club in Oxford St Bulimba

Anyone like to add to the list?… Continue

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Summary of how the 09 Budget affects the Migration Program

A migration agent has just advised me of the following changes:

The Migration Program will total 168,700 places for 2009-10.

• The Federal Government's 2009 Budget has made a further cut to the permanent skilled migration intake to 108,000 places for the 2009-10 program (a 20% reduction to the previous budget)

• The reduction will be achieved largely through cutbacks in the General Skilled Category

• A job-readiness test will be introduced for onshore… Continue

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Favourite Australian City Poll

This is a tough one - my favourite city is Melbourne but I couldn't live there because of the climate! Melbourne seems to be lagging behind in the votes - but it is one of the most beautiful cities in Australia - plus you can eat out after 8.30pm (those of you living in cities other than Sydney will know what I mean)!!

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Overseas Qualifications Units

Many states offer free assistance and support in getting your overseas qualifications recognised in Australia. In order to take advantage of these services you must be living in Australia and within the state that offers the service.

It's therefore not suitable for those individuals who are wanting to slot their qualifications into an Australian Qualifications Framework for migration purposes ie in order to open up pathway E of the TRA..

Here's a list of the Overseas… Continue

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The British Brisbane Club

Brisbane has its very own British Brisbane Club. The next meeting is at 1pm on Sunday 26 April at the Pig and Whistle Pub, Eagle Street, Brisbane CBD.

The British Brisbane Club usually meets in the outside area at the back of the Pig and Whistle. The Pig and Whistle also supply free food for the meetings.

The British Brisbane Club hold bi-monthly meetings with some members holding information get-togethers in between.

The British Brisbane club can be found at… Continue

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Theatre and Cardiac Nurses for Northern Queensland

Tropical North Queensland really is the place to really appreciate the laid-back Australian lifestyle. Living close to one of the seven wonders of the world - the Great Barrier Reef and being able to take advantage of the Tropical Lifestyle - means that Registered Nurses should give consideration living in this beautiful part of Australia.

We have theatre and cardiac positions for registered nurses with a minimum of twelve months experience.

We offer job search assistance… Continue

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Getting your Qualifications Slotted into an Australian Qualifications Framework

Whether you need to open up pathway E for your TRA assessement or simply to enhance your job prospects by having an Australian qualification on your resume Skills Shortage Consulting can help.

We work with TAFE here in Queensland who map out your qualifications against the Australian equivilent to see whether you have completed the same type of modules covering the same subject matter.

TAFE stands for Tertiary And Further Education and is the state run and funded RTO… Continue

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Free Phone Consultations with Online Migration

Like many migration companies Online Migration offers free visa assessments - however Online Migration goes that one step further and offers free telephone consultations.

This gives the would-be migrant the opportunity to ask lots of questions that you might normally get charged for if you complete a free online visa assessment.

At the end of this consultation you will have discussed your indiviual visa strategy with a MARA registered migration agent.

Online… Continue

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New Book out on Nursing in Australia

I've come across an e-book written by a UK nurse who migrated to Australia. It contains lots of information on the differences between nursing in Australia and nursing in the UK.

Here is the link

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Shipping Furniture vs Buying New

Many shops offer "packages" ie fitting out a whole room. There are a wide range of shops to suit all budgets. Here are two shops that offer "budget" packages

Fantastic Furniture

Super Amart

For electrical goods:

The Good Guys


These are not endorsements - but they contain prices of goods so you can work out whether is is… Continue

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Bringing your pets to Australia

For those people out there who are animal lovers - the biggest decision you will face is whether to bring your pets.

There are only certain types of animals you can bring into Australia - full details are contained in this website and your pet will have to spend time in quarrantine.

The first thing you should do is seek professional advice from your vet to see if your pet is medically fit to fly. Some vets have personal views on transporting your pets which can influence… Continue

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Which part of Australia?

Australia is a big country. Often people move here without having visited Australia. What many do not realise is that the different states offer different lifestyles and climate.

If you enjoy the changing of seasons - look at Victoria or Tasmania. Even South Australia has more defined seasons than WA or Queensland.

South-east Queensland has a sub-tropical climate and although locals will tell you it's cold you can always spot newly arrived migrants from the UK walking… Continue

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Theatre and Cardiac RNs for Townsville

We are searching for theatre and cardiac nurses for nothern Queensland. If you would like to live by the Great Barrier Reef and enjoy northern Queensland's tropical climate - contact us at

Skills Shortage Consulting offers free migration consultations with their MARA registered agent so that you can discuss your visa options. We also offer free job search assistance for your partner and provide you with advice and information on schooling options for… Continue

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Sending gifts back to the UK

Sending gifts back to the UK can be expensive. Some individuals keep UK bank accounts open in order to buy gifts online and get them delivered to friends and family.

Marks and Spencers and John Lewis both accept international credit cards - so for those who haven't kept a UK bank account open you can use your Australian visa/mastercard debit/credit card on their online stores.

The following shops also ship over to Australia:

Marks and Spencer

Dorothy… Continue

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Nursing - Recruitment Companies vs Applying Direct

Skills Shortage Consulting can help you find a nursing position in any state within Australia. They also have a number of Aged Care facilities who are happy to sponsor applicants over the age of 45.

With nurses being in short supply throughout Australia - what are the advantages of applying through Skills Shortage Consulting vs applying direct?

Skills Shortage Consulting offer a free consultation with a MARA registered migration agent. It is important to get the right… Continue

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Confused by the recent changes to the Priority Processing system?

There has never been a better time to seek the advice of a reputable MARA registered migration agent. The changes to the Critical Skills List has left many prospective migrants confused as to whether they should change to state sponsorship and the implications of making this change.

From a recruitment perspective there has been a reduction in the number of job opportunities throughout Australia. The closure of some of the mines in WA and Queensland has meant many skilled workers have… Continue

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Mortgages for Migrants

When you arrive in Australia you arrive with no credit rating. Following the credit crisis it can take up to six months to be eligible to apply for a mortgage (depending on the organisation's lending criteria).

Breez Finance offers mortgages to newly arrived migrants providing you meet their lending criteria. Breez also have a newsletter for newly arrived migrants offering advice on how to establish your credit rating in Australia.

The Breez website is .… Continue

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Carer Vacancies - Central Queensland

If you are a qualified carer with a minimum of 12 months paid work experience and are happy to move to a regional location - we have two vacancies for carers with a national aged care provider in Central Queensland.

Regional locations have a lot to offer in respect of job opportunities and also lifestyle. You will become part of a community in a safe and welcoming environment.

We will arrange for you to have a free consultation with a MARA agent to discuss your visa… Continue

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Job Search Assistance for partners of Registered Nurses and Midwives

If you are the partner of a Registered Nurse or Midwife you may be hesitating about the move as you have concerns about finding employment.

Skills Shortage Consulting offers job search assistance to partners of Registered Nurses and Midwives that have used us in order to find employment in Australia.

We can help take those concerns away by discussing a job search strategy before you arrive and putting you in contact with organisatons that are hiring employees when you… Continue

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Calling all Tradies and Construction Workers

For those who are still digesting and understanding the implications to today's announcements - have you thought about working in a regional location?

Skills Shortage Consulting has been focusing on sourcing skilled workers for regional areas made up of small towns with populations of between 4500 to 30,000.

Due to the lack of skilled workers you will be welcomed into these areas. One even has it's own welcoming committee made up of individuals who will help you settle… Continue

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