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Spring in the air in Sydney

The sun has been shining down on Sydneysiders, with a temperature of 22 degrees today. The summer clothing was pulled from the back of closets around the City and given a well earned airing. But will it last and should we tempt fate by packing away the winter woollies and Ugg boots? Well, we've been advised it could reach 28 degrees tomorrow! The beaches will be mobbed, and there'll be a mad rush on sunscreen. The boogie boards will be dusted off and the buckets and shovels retrieved from the… Continue

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39th Annual Sun Herald City 2 Surf race in Sydney

Today, at the Annual Sun Herald City 2 Surf race, 75,000 runners slogged (and some are still at it as I write this)along the roads of Sydney today, from Hyde Park in Sydney's CBD 14 Kilometres to the finish at Bondi Beach.

The sun shone and the race saw many colourful characters dressed up as celebs such as Michael Jackson and Superman.

The winner of the mens' race was Michael Shelley (runner up last year) , a 25 year old from the Gold Coast in Queensland, ran the race in… Continue

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Well know Aussie band "Men at Work", famous for their 80's hit 'Down Under', that we all danced to way back then, are in danger of losing royalties from the well know hit. They are being sued for copywrite infringement and have been accused of stealing the famous flute riff from a well know Australian childrens song 'Kookaburra Sits in The Old Gum Tree', which was written over 75 years ago for a Girl Guides competition.A copywrite hearing is to be held in the Federal Court.

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Doggie Day Out

I had a happy but tired pooch this morning, after spending a couple of hours at a dog friendly beach at Rowland Reserve, Bayview on Sydneys Northern Beaches. It's one of the few beaches where your wo(man)s best friend can run free, kick up some sand and have a ball!

Its a wonderfully scenic setting, with the fantastic Flying Fox Playground nearby to keep the kids amused while you sit down in the Flying Fox Cafe for a well earned coffee or a bite to eat and a bowl of water for your… Continue

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Paid Maternity Leave for Oz

Good news for mums and dads! The Government have just announced paid maternity leave, which will encourage more women into the workforce.

Any primary carer (mother or father) will be entitled to 18 weeks pay at the minimum wage (about $544 per week) in a welcomed scheme due to commence on 1st January 2011, after the next election.

The mother and father can split the leave, if they wish, taking, say, 9 weeks each. The payment will be means tested and available to those… Continue

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We passed the Citizenship test! Yippee!

We got to Parramatta in plenty of time and having found 9 Wentworth Street, sat down for a leisurely coffee at a cafe outside the tall office building. Our appointment was at 11.30 and at about 11.15 we decided we'd head up to the 5th floor and off we went. Seemed fairly quiet, the only Government office on the 5th floor seemed to be Centrelink (like the dole office). My husband buzzed through as the door was locked. A voice told us through the… Continue

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Well, I'm just about to head off to Parramatta for the Citizenship test! I've got my boardies, thongs and corked hat on. I have a vegemite smeared mouth and I've my guitar and the music to Waltzing Matilda! I've brushed up on all the Aussie slang and I may enter the government building waving the Australian flag.........!

With all that in mind, how can they refuse me? Will let you all know how it goes.

G'Day for now


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Having been in Australia for 5 years, starting off as Temporary Residents, and having been granted Permanent Residency a couple of years ago, the next step is Citizenship!

This will give us the right to vote (not a choice - we would be fined if we didn't), the right to stand for government if we so wish and of course we will be entitled to Australian passports, and can come and go as we please. As Residents, we can stay in Oz as long as we are of "Good Character", according to the… Continue

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spiders and other ghastly creatures

As you all know Australia is home to many weird and wonderful creatures, the most feared being spiders and snakes.

I was personally terrified before I travelled down here, but it has not been that bead all things considered. I was convinced a rush to hospital was inevitable with me or one of my family being bitten by something of other, but that has not happened....yet. You still have to be wary though and not take any risks, when venturing outside, especially for a bush… Continue

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My son is in year five now and it's time to start thinking about which high school he will go to in year 7. The choice here is private, catholic or public. Theres the local public high schools, the private schools ( some with fairly large fees) and the catholic high schools ( fees not as high).

To be honest, we would have needed to have his name down already for some of them. The boys catholic high schools intake starts in year 5, so many catholic primary schools have very few boys… Continue

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Five Years Down plus Wetting the Shamrock

Tommorow is a momentus occasion for our Irish gang! Not only is it St. Patricks Day but also our anniversary.

Its five years to the day since we dragged out jet lagged feet through the arrivals hall of Sydney airport, full of anticipation, eager as as dog straining on a leash to steam ahead into our new life down under. Too exhausted to wet the shamrock (or drown it), as we say, we taxied through the city, our eyes weary but still able to gaze, mouths gaping, at the magnificent… Continue

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My fifteen minutes are up!

That ad in the Manly Daily for extras for Home and Away and other Aussie dramas seemed too good to be true...and it was! They wanted $295 for photos, to send to agents. I reckon thats how they make their money, with no guarantee of work at the end of it.

Ah, well, Home and Away isn't the same since Sally left anyway, who by the way is now gracing the airwaves on breakfast radio with a well known duo Merrick and Rosso on Nova 969. Good luck to her. Breakfast radio is very competitive… Continue

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my fifteen minutes

I have just cut an add from the Manly Daily (local northern beaches freebie). They're looking for extras for Home & Away and a few other Aussie dramas. I could be sitting in the diner munching a burger, gulping a smoothie......rubbing shoulders with celebrities! Heres hoping I look normal enough to hang with the Palm Beach crew!!

Will keep any fans out there this space

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Rain Rain and more Rain in Sydney

Thats it, I am building an arc!

Before making the journey to Sydney, I honestly didn't think it rained much here, or got cold for that matter. The winter woollies, rain jackets , hats and scarves and fleeces all got left behind. "Ha...fooled you", Sydney laughed at me that first winter and during my first storm,soaked to the skin.

Browsing through the shops, I had wondered why they were stocked up to the hilt with warm jumpers and fluffy coats. The first winter we didn't… Continue

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Happy to Help

A big G'Day to all you bloggers up there in the northern hemisphere!! Hope you're all rugged up with the cold spell.

We've been sweltering in the heat here, up til this week, wet and cool in Sydney now! What a change. I'm sure you've all heard about the devastating bush fires in Victoria, so many lives and homes have been lost, it even brought Kevin Rudd to tears. And the opposite is the case in north Queensland with the flooding, also devastating. We need pipes bringing the water… Continue

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