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Australian PM Julia Gillard sets general election date


I am currently in the system having lodged a 176 State Sponsored Application for WA.
With the new election being called does this mean that all pending SMP (state migration plan),will be left until post election.
Its just that if my occupation is on WA SMP my case would be priority 2, hopefully allowing for a quicker resolution.
So has the election scuppered peoples dreams, further for now?


John Baker

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Comment by Ken Fayers on July 18, 2010 at 20:02
Australia's very much the same as the UK in that the civil service carries on working regardless of elections. If a new government comes in they may change the rules but in the meantime everything will be processed (or not as the case so often is) in the same way it is at present. The politicians (whether they get reelected or not) don't play an active part in the immigration decisions.

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