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For those people out there who are animal lovers - the biggest decision you will face is whether to bring your pets.

There are only certain types of animals you can bring into Australia - full details are contained in this website and your pet will have to spend time in quarrantine.

The first thing you should do is seek professional advice from your vet to see if your pet is medically fit to fly. Some vets have personal views on transporting your pets which can influence the advice that they give you.

If your pet is fit to fly then seek the advice of a professional pet transport company. They are very sympathetic and understanding about your concerns. They are able to assist you with all the paperwork and blood tests required before your animal is allowed into Australia.

Tip - your dog must not test positive for leptospira so it is not recommended that you vaccinate your dog - so discuss this with your vet at the time of your dog's boosters.

All the vaccination requirements and blood tests are detailed on the AQIS website and you can also discuss this with the pet transport company.

Dogs have to be registered in Australia and in some states cats have to be too. In addition to this there are restrictions on the number of pets you can own. For example in Brisbane if you have more than two dogs you need to have a permit. Look up the regulations on the council website.

You should vaccinate your pets against heartworm and in Queensland you need to ensure that your pets have paralysis tick prevention treatment. This is extremely important as these ticks can kill. Speak to a local veterinarian about tick prevention treatments.

In Brisbane there is a doggy cafe your dog can be treated to a puppy frappe or a puppycinno and there are drinks and food for owners too!

If you do decide not to bring your pet - think very carefully before getting another one in Australia. If you don't like Australia and return home that is yet another animal that has to be re-homed.

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Comment by Petairuk on March 31, 2009 at 15:19
Thanks for this post.
We can offer our services to all clients in UK to help out with flying their domestic pets to Australia and all over the world. We are the only company in UK to be run by vets and so we are uniquely positioned to offer the best advice and offer the most complete service to assist with flygin yoru pets over to Australia. Please check our website and give us a call if we can be of any help.

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