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Well, I havent been on the site for some time now... mainly due to the fact that myself and family have given up all hope of having our visa granted... 2 years today we submitted our 176 and still we are waiting!! Our agents no longer keep in touch (they have had our money so I am sure we are a forgotten cause!) my endless emails to them are just met with statements that they do not know and therefore cannot comment on when we may get granted a visa... so we are left in the dark. However one glimmer of hope is that the new prime minister for Oz actually comes from my town and in fact the same street in which I use to live... perhaps I will write to her as a fellow barrian and plead our case... let her know she is missing out on having two hard working people in the country !!! What do any of you think?... will this work I wonder when Trade recognition, IELTS, x-rays, police checks have failed (although all were passed)???? Or does anyone know of any other way that we can get answers as to when we are likely to be accepted??

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Comment by Michael J Kelly on July 18, 2010 at 21:55
Hi Jennifer, you could try writing to Julia gillard, it may have some effect. I was struggling to get a visa in 2002. An Aussie friend of mine had worked with Phillip Ruddock the immigration minister at the time. We arranged to have dinner with him in Canberra, very nice friendly man but the best he could do was to point me in the direction of a good migration agent. I used this agent and although I could not "tick all of the boxes" I was granted the visa. So give it a try, you have nothing to loose. Oh and be quick, there may be a change of government next month! Good luck.

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