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Coming from Abroad? Here Are Some College and Money Making Tips

If you’re not on a scholarship, studying abroad is really expensive. Even then, there’s a lot of upkeep. Think about it, you need to pay for books, rent out an apartment, stay ahead of bills, spend cash on food, toiletries, and other personal items. Not to mention, the occasional field trip and night out with friends. Once you add the numbers, the cost of studying abroad doesn’t look cheap.

Luckily, you have a couple of options open, even when turning to your parents isn’t one. Freelancing, part-time work, and remote jobs are fueling industry, and there are a lot more opportunities for work for students than ever before. So, if you’re strapped for cash, here are four money making tips that will give you the cash injection you need while studying abroad.

Search for Part-Time Work

In countries like Australia, foreign students on student visas are allowed to work up to 20 hours per week while studying there. This is a great opportunity not only to get some extra money in your pocket, but to practice your language skills, meet new people, and develop a good work ethic.

Part-time work for students in Australia, for example, includes jobs in retail (boutiques, shops, and stores), hospitality (food service and entertainment industry), and the service industry (salons, customer service, supermarkets). Additionally, you might also look for jobs in your own field, and check out if those organizations need some part-time help.

Look for Freelance Gigs

Studying to be a designer or software developer? Or you’re just another economics major? Regardless of your BA, there is a lot of freelance work for students available to you.

Finding a job on websites like UpWork, Freelancer and Craigslist is easy, since thousands of job listings are uploaded every day. Some of them require skilled work, like design and programming, while others include simple administrative tasks or writing jobs anyone can do.

Plus, you get to manage the amount of work you take on. So you have enough time to stay on top of exams and still make a profit from your efforts outside the college.

Consider Tutoring Other Students

As a student, you have in-depth knowledge of certain subjects you major in. Tutoring is a great way to monetize all those years of learning and make money from helping other university students pass exams.

Plus, it’s easier than ever before, since there are a lot of online resources you can use. For example, archives of Monash past exams can help you prepare your lesson plan to cover specific exam topics or target difficult tasks. Other colleges and unis probably have these kind of notes too; so wherever you are, do the research and find those past exams.

What’s more, you can do this online as well. Tutoring students online via Skype or online tutoring platforms gives you access to more students in other countries, and hence, more work.

And if your English is very good, you can also teach it to other foreign students or practice speaking with them in exchange for a tutor’s fee.

Find Volunteer Programs

Volunteering might not be the best way to earn money, but it’s certainly a great way to save money and fill your time while studying abroad. Australia has some of the best volunteer programs in the world, and international students usually get food and accommodations in exchange for 4-6 hours of volunteer work per day.

Jobs mostly include environmental and social work, but you can always look for a program at a specific company aligned with your interests. Moreover, searching for volunteer opportunities outside your current location is a great way to travel to different locations in the country you are studying in for free.

Don’t Be Afraid to Work Underpaid

Sure, no one wants this, but remember, you’re still a student and education comes first. Experience is what matters most. Your goals should be to get a job you consider doing after you graduate. It might land you a career straight out of college, or help you decide on something else.

Whatever the case, focus most of your energy on your studies, and use these tips to land a part-time gig that will help generate that little extra cash you need while studying abroad.

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