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Confused by the recent changes to the Priority Processing system?

There has never been a better time to seek the advice of a reputable MARA registered migration agent. The changes to the Critical Skills List has left many prospective migrants confused as to whether they should change to state sponsorship and the implications of making this change.

From a recruitment perspective there has been a reduction in the number of job opportunities throughout Australia. The closure of some of the mines in WA and Queensland has meant many skilled workers have re-entered the market place. For example here in Brisbane there was a huge shortage of CNC machinists. This is now not the case and workers who previously may have moved for a few dollars more are staying with their existing employer.

Both WA and Queensland have resources based economies. South Australia has a large number of defence contracts - individuals from manufacturing trades should give this area serious consideration.

There are a large number of construction projects that will be undertaken in Ipswich and the surrounding area. As mentioned in previous posts - this area is earmarked for all future industrial and affordable residential developments.

The changes to the processing times may turn out to be a good thing - whilst it is disappointing for those who are eager to obtain their permanent resident visa - it is harder to get a job. SEEK can be misleading as often there are multiple advertisements for a single position.

Several years ago most visa applications took about eighteen months.

Don't be put off applying for your Australian visa by the recent changes. Internet forums can be misleading - individuals opinions can be taken as fact. There is not currently a block on tradespeople coming to Australia - it's just taking longer for the visa to be processed. Take advantage of the free consultations offered by reputable MARA registered agents. An example of one migration company offering free telephone consultations to those individuals without an appointed agent who are confused by the changes is Online Migration based in Brisbane. There are many others offering this service too.

The door has closed on immigration - it's just taking longer for it to open.

Discuss your visa strategy with an agent, stick to it and don't give up on your Australian dream.

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