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Does anyone know which cities in Queensland were NOT affected by the recent torrential rains?

Hello Everyone!

I am making plans to relocate to Brisbane but I just read about the torrential rains in Queensland. Can anyone tell me which cities/towns in Queensland were NOT affected by the torrential rains. I want to make sure my relocation and that of my family is a safe one.


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Comment by Jorge Diaz on June 12, 2009 at 3:33
Hello Peter,

Thanks so much for the info on Toowoomba. Have you ever been to Noosa Heads? I also hear wonderful things about this city and was wondering if it is just a weekend city to wind down or a family town.

Thanks so much for your time...Jorge
Comment by Skills Shortage Consulting on May 26, 2009 at 5:36
When you are considering which area to live in you can get a flood report from Brisbane City Council. In general those areas that flooded were on flood plains and close to creeks. The drought in south-east Queensland meant that for years areas that were previously prone to flooding hadn't done so and new people may have moved into the area who were possibly unaware of the areas tendancy to flood following downpours of heavy rain.

Avoid low-lying areas. Also when you are looking at a property look at where the run-off will go ie if there is a heavy downpour where does the rain go? For example if a house is at the bottom of the hill - other houses run off will end up in your property.

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