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Yes - there is still a skills shortage in Australia - in particular in the health sector.

We recruit internationally for our clients when we are unable to source local candidates. Currently our main focus is the health sector.

We will be posting lots of information on health jobs in Australia and also areas where they are still experiencing skills shortages.

There have been lots of comments recently on website forums from concerned visa applicants or applicants who have their visas granted about whether they will find employment.

Often people moving to Australia focus on where they would like to live - in the current job market you should research where are the biggest job opportunities, is where I want to live a commutable distance to where I will be working?

In south-east Queensland many prospective migrants fall in love with the Sunshine Coast - however this has been the place where people from Brisbane move to when they retire. The main industry in this location is tourism. The main industry at the Gold Coast is tourism. Brisbane is usually where the majority of work is located.

The fastest growing industrial and residential developments are in the "Western Corridor" otherwise known as Ipswich. Many shudder at this name - however new purpose built developments such as Springfield Lakes have a lot to offer. There is massive infastructure being built in this area - so they need a lot of workers. A huge health park is being built and and education park. It is commutable from the Gold Coast - however you will need to include tolls and petrol to work out whether the journey is viable if you choose the Gold Coast as your preferred location.

Another tip (especially for newly arrived construction workers and tradies) is not just to use agencies (these are only used usually as a last resort by contractors) is to obtain your Blue Card and ABN as soon as possible. A lot of work is done through sub-contractors so you will need an ABN - you can find out how to apply for one at the ATO website. It is also worth seeking some professional advice from an accountant to find out whether you should be registered for GST, putting aside money for super (pension) and for tax.

In Queensland they don't have portable traffic lights when there are roadworks or construction. They have traffic controllers. If you are having difficulty obtaining employment (and often here it's who you know not what you know) try working as a traffic controller. It may not be the best job in the world but you'll be working alongside construction sites and you can build up contacts (when you are on your breaks!). The payrate may not be too special during the week - however the penalty rates are good. It is yet another occupation where you need a licence - so check out with a potential employer whether they have any vacancies.

It is important to demonstrate Aussie work experience on your resume as soon as possible - so doing any sort of casual work will show a future employer that you will turn your hand to anything, have a good work ethic and have gained that valuable experience of working in an Australian environment.

Don't be fooled by SEEK - often the same job is advertised multiple times by different agencies. Many agencies put up jobs that don't exist in order to attract candidates so they can "reverse market them"

Another tip is to get your qualifications slotted into an Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) - employers understand Australian qualifications so they will know the standard to which you have been trained. We can help co-ordinate this on behalf of individuals.

Remember the larger capital cities have more job opportunities. Brisbane was until recent years a big country town. Queensland has a resources-based economy and the downturn in the mining industry has hit Queensland badly. The effect of this is that skilled workers who had extremely well paid jobs in the mines are coming back onto the market and bearing in mind employers preference for those with Australian work experience - it makes things harder for the newly arrived migrant. Even those of us that arrived when the skills shortage was at its peak may have experienced this - so don't think it's you.

Remember - your skill has allowed you to live in Australia - it doesn't guarantee you a job.

We're going to post regular updates - hope you all liked the info.

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Comment by Skills Shortage Consulting on February 27, 2009 at 0:16
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