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"Monday 10th July 2012"

This is the date my Australian Skilled Migration Visa got granted.

Sydney Opera House

My name is Richard Hawes and I have decided to write a blog about my journey for a new life in Australia. I've decided to write this blog for family and friends and for anyone with the interest on migrating to Australia.

I am a software developer and currently live in a one bedroom flat with my wife Alison.

I was born and still live in the UK, and since a family holiday to Orlanda Florida in the spring of 2000, I have had the longing to live abroad. I've never quite pinned down the exact reason why, maybe for a better life, or just a change, the main thing is that thirst to live in another country never disappeared.

Up until five years ago, I wanted to move to Florida. Two things happened back then. The first was that I used to sit next to a guy at work who had a lot more experience than me, who bought a house in Orlando but was finding it very hard to get a job and a Visa to America. I thought if he was finding it hard what chance did I have. The second thing was that I managed it in contact with my Australian cousins. Many years ago my mum's brother ventured to Australia, he had a few kids, but passed away in the early 90s. Since then my family in the UK lost contact with them, however through the wonders of Facebook and MySpace we managed to track each other down. I then began to hear about what life is like in Australia.

I started to look into what was needed to get a Visa to Australia and I found out the way to go was Skilled Migration. Australia was crying out for software developers. At the time I didn't have quite enough points to apply for a Visa, however with a couple years more experience I would meet this pass mark. Alison was my girlfriend at the time and I suggested about moving downunder. She said she couldn't make any decision without seeing the country for herself. In 2009 we went on holiday to Melbourne and Sydney. Alison also has family in Australia who we stayed with in Melbourne before visiting my family in Sydney.

We fell in love with the country. It seems much more laid back than over here and it seems that over there you can have much more of an outdoor lifestyle and enjoy life. Out of the two cities we preferred Melbourne as Sydney reminded us too much like London, too built up among other things. Melbourne felt like a more chilled out place and more to my liking. While in Sydney, we went on a prearranged dinner boat cruise around Sydney Harbour. I then asked Alison if she would spend the rest of her life with me in Australia, while I had one knee on the ground and a ring in my hand... She said "Yes".

Alison and I got married last year and began getting my Visa application prepared. Our Visa got granted this week, so we are now Following The Yellow Brick Road to Aus(tralia)!

... In my next post I will be going through the application process and that you can do it without an agent.

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