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Foods You Should Not Give To Your Dog

Dogs are the most lovable creatures and almost every human owns a dog today. Dogs need care and attention just like humans and sometime even more. Humans can eat pretty much everything but when it comes to dogs, there are some foods that are poisonous to dogs. Care should be taken while giving food to your dog and special attention is needed while giving some specific food.

Some important information about the foods that you should never give to your dog is given in the article below. If you are looking for the best dog blog around the internet you can check this link here.

Foods You Should Not Give to Your Dog:


  1. Baby Food:

Although baby food can be given to pups especially when they are not feeling well but make sure that it doesn’t contain onion powder. However, baby food is not considered healthy for dogs.

  1. Candy:

Most of the candies contain Xylitol which is dangerous for dogs so it is best to dogs away from candies.

  1. Chewing Gum:

Chewing gum also contains Xylitol which has no effect on humans but are extremely dangerous for dogs. It can increase insulin levels in dogs which severely drops the sugar level in the dogs causing damage to their kidney and liver, etc. Therefore dogs should be kept away from chewing gum.

  1. Mushrooms:

Not all of the mushrooms are dangerous for dogs but some can be harmful and cause stomach disturbance. As a serious dog owner you should avoid giving mushrooms to your dogs.

  1. Chocolates:

Chocolates are poison for dogs as it contains caffeine and theobromine which can cause diarrhea, vomiting and panting, etc.

Main Entries:

  1. Fat Trimmings:

Meat fat trimmings can cause pancreatitis in dogs so it should be avoided at all costs.

  1. Yeast:

Too much yeast can damage the dog’s intestines and do harm to the stomach so it should also be avoided.

  1. Cooked Bones:

You might be thinking that bones are good for dog. Well, yes they are good for dog but not in cooked form. Cooked bones are brittle and can cause injury to the dog’s throat therefore it is best to keep them away from them.


  1. Alcohol:

Alcohols of every kind are extremely dangerous for pups and dogs. Drinking alcohol can cause poor breathing, acidity, coma or even death of the dog.

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