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Hi to all the oz fans. After reading all the messages on the blog wed page i must be the only one who is not taking half of the U.K with me.(ONLY JOKING). Is their any body who is doing this adventure of a lifetime on their own? or am i the only one.(BILLY NO MATES).Be serious now, i beening wanting to go to Australia for a number of years, than two years ago i booked a holiday it was out of this world. I landed in Sydney than did a 16 day tour up to Darwin though Adelaide to Port Augusta,Woomera,still at Coober Pedy, Ayers Rock,Alice Springs,Tennant Creek,Daly Waters,Katherine and on to Darwin.After that i flew to Perth it was a fantastic holiday,i did not want to come back.So i started the ball rolling and got in touch with an agent. Well thats other story.Lets say i have been take for a ride. Well Chin up, until next time. Take Care, Karen.

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Comment by karen on November 1, 2009 at 15:27
Hi, Am back, its been a long draw out process two years from the date( sept 4 07) but well worth the wait,i received a call on(sept 4 09) that i findly got my visa,YES,YES just what i want to hear on a wet & cold day. i was placed in Adelaide where the shortest of skilled workers in my category was, so i was told at the time.So i have booked just over a month, three weeks in Adelaide and ten days in Ayes rock & Alice Springs,three weeks looking for accommodation and sorting out a job for may/ june next year,and break for ten days before coming back to sort out everything in this country.I am selling my business in the U.K , why is their so many people who dunner want to work they want it on a plate, no wonder the country is in a mess, i wunner go down that road it a dead end.So i have some questions if anyone can help me, i am a self- employed landscaper gardener, i am hoping to start my own business again, do you take your equipment or buy when you are their? i know i will have to work for someone first but where do you start?and wheres the best place to begin.Any help will be much appreciated.Thanks for reading, all the best, Karen
Comment by karen on March 8, 2009 at 13:41
Hi Jane, When do you do the big move to Australia?Yes you do have a lot more to think of finding the right school and working in between. I dunner think any one whos making the move half way around the world would not be excited and scared at the same time, it ant like moving to spain or france where you can come back home if you dunner like it, when you have done the 24 hour flight than you know their is no going back.Good Luck. Karen.
Comment by Jane Ford on March 7, 2009 at 18:45
Not exactly alone but just me and my son 11. So in some ways that makes it harder as I have to think about schools and childcare too! Excited, but getting scared now too! and having sleepless nights thinking of all there is to do!!
Comment by karen on February 18, 2009 at 20:29
Hi Pete, Sorry i dunner,if it was that easy all the over 45s would be on the next plane out of this country. If only life was so easy.Good luck in finding your rich Australian widow.Karen.
Comment by karen on February 17, 2009 at 9:14
Hi Marion,I live in Stoke-on-Trent,Staffordshire.I am still waiting for my application to go though i have had three case officers now the last one made a right mess so i have to wait again, its been four weeks now when i had to sort the paper work out again, in a letter they send me they said they would pay the fee this time than two weeks ago a had a letter saying that my third case officer is leaving, ITs ONE BIG JOKE.but i ant laughing any more.Yes i would like to get in touch, it feels at times you are the only one whos trying to make a life for yourself but no one whats to help. The agent who i am with is very well know but i would not recommend them. Karen.
Comment by marion sherlock on February 17, 2009 at 0:06
hi karen im going to live in melboure as i have family there which helps me a little i was told with my agent once i had my visa i could go live where i wanted. where do you live now. when are you goihg out maybe we could catch up. my email address is if you want to get in touch
Comment by marion sherlock on February 16, 2009 at 10:07
Hi Karen marion here am emigrating from Scotland to Melbourne alone in the next 8wks i was messed about badly with my visa agent too but thank god it all got sorted out in the end and i can move there permanentley now cant wait .where are you planning to move too?
Comment by sheryl c on February 15, 2009 at 19:02

You are incredibly brave to be considering emigrating alone...I am in total admiration!! Sorry you've been messed about by an agent but good luck in going for it in the future!

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