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Hi Catherine, we have sold our house at last after 14 months so there is hope! Just waiting til tomorrow to find out if chain is viable as our buyer's buyer has to get mortgage approved and it's happening tomorrow. All so exciting but can't get too carried away yet as if this mortgage not approved, back to square 1 for our buyer. Have you had any joy yet? Lesley

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Comment by Lesley Jennings on September 5, 2009 at 16:14
Hi John, actually we got £5,000 over the price. The estate agent didn't put a firm price he put for example: offers in excess of £400,000. That way people know that the price is the lowest you are going to accept so can either offer that or go higher. In our case they went £5k over and we are very pleased, didn't think we would actually get that amount although compared to value pre- credit crunch is around £50k lower. However, the value isn't necessarily the price you will or would have received and we are very happy with our offer just wish the rate of exchange would go back to over $2 to the £1 then we will be even happier!
Comment by John on September 4, 2009 at 17:05
That's excellent news Lesley, if it's not being nosy was the price you got below what you expected or did the value hold up?

Hopefully once everything goes through the exchange rate will be back up.

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