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Job Sponsorship Becoming the Only Option For Some Skilled Individuals to Emigrate to Australia

I know that the announcement of the changes in immigration processes on February 8th, 2010 must have disappointed many people who were preparing to emigrate to Australia based on the MODL. This must have been particularly upsetting for those people who had already lodged their application and had it returned to them as it was no longer valid.

Since the announcement, there has been an increased interest in finding job sponsorship in Australia, as these types of immigration applications will be given priority when it comes to processing. I feel this will have a positive knock-on affect with Australian employers, who will have no choice but to be more open to sponsoring overseas nationals, and there will soon be a change in attitude in this regard. When you think about it, if there are less people entering Australia on skilled visas, there will be a shortage of skilled applicants in Australia, and Australian employers will have no choice but to seek foreign nationals to sponsor their emigration to Australia.

You will be pleased to know that we have launched a new package that have proven to be very effective in gaining interviews for sponsored roles in Australia. The power behind this package is the focus on hidden job market job search strategies for Australia, as well as teaching you how to market yourself effectively for employer sponsorship in Australia. This package has opened opportunities for several clients who could no longer apply for Skilled Immigration and have no choice but to seek job sponsorship in Australia.

If you would like to learn more about how this package can assist you to find job sponsorship in Australia, you can learn more about our the package at:

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