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Looking for a Job while on holiday ????

My Family (wife and 2 small children) and I are going back to Australia in March for another holiday.

We are considering emigrating to Australia as we love the place, particularly Melbourne and Perth. Our up and coming holiday is to Melbourne. I was hoping you could help with the following queries.

I am an I.T. Professional (.NET Technologies). Is this skill still on the skills in demand list?

Secondly how can I go about looking for suitable employers while over in Melbourne on my holiday. Am I even allowed to do this as I'm only a visitor? Are there any agencies you can recommend in that area? How do I get companies or the Victoria state interested in sponsoring me.

Very confused at present as it seems a bit of a "chicken and egg" situation. If I'm not a resident can I still approaches companies? Any suitable resource, or help before our trip would be great.

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Comment by Tom Rowlands on November 17, 2009 at 11:45
If you are looking at sourcing suitable employers on holiday, the best thing would be to set aside 3-4 days or so and target these days to get interviews set up.

Before you go, or even before you book your flights, you will need to do some leg work from up here. Use search engines to look for IT companies or IT roles in Melbourne, make a list and spend some time calling these companies.

This will involve staying up late or getting up very early (Melbourne 9am-5pm is 10pm-6am UK time) cold calling and introducing yourself to the right HR or head of department and then sending your CV to the direct email address, stating that you will be in Australia and will be avalable for interviews on these exact dates.

I strongly recommend you call them as sending out CVs on email cold will not work as well.
You can also ask recruiters such as Hays Global;ink in London or Greythorn IT, who also have a London office.

Hopefully you should be able to set up a number of interviews on the allocated days, and fingers crossed, get an offer.

This will involved a lot of leg work before you go, but it really would ensure you get as much as you can out of your trip.
Comment by Nadine Myers on November 10, 2009 at 17:27
HI Jason H!

I actually recommend that people go to Australia as a visitor with the full intention of finding employment and use their time there completely wisely. You can search for employment while you are on a visitors visa you are just not allowed to legally work. I do not recommend visiting with recruitment agencies because they will not be interested in helping you. Their interest is in filling jobs in Australia as quickly as possible so they can receive their fee and move on to the next job. Spending time helping people such as yourself will be a waste of their time. No offence, it is just the way it is.

The full skills in demand list can be viewed at: .

There is a free eGuide available here: called, "Mission: Find a Job in Australia" and it comes with an Australian Job Search Strategy, and includes information on how to plan your trip to Australia so that it is as effective as possible. The latest blog post also specifically covers how to find a sponsored job in Australia.

I'm sure you'll find this information useful!



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