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As you may have seen in our first blog we are planning on moving to Cairns.

So we are hoping to frind people either already living their or people planning the same move to chat to.

Hope to hear from someone soon..........

Kind regards

Doug & Kate

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Comment by Lesley Jennings on July 17, 2009 at 9:45
Hi Doug and Kate what a great choice Cairns is lovely. Me and hubby wanted to live in Brisbane initially but couldn't get a visa for there so we are going to Melbourne. We may move after 2 years but I expect we will be settled after 2 years and maybe won't want to make another move, who knows. We are currently waiting to sell our house and then we can go. We didn't see the recession coming and thought selling the house would be easy peasy compared to actually getting the visa, etc. Oh well that's how much we know. Have you been to Cairns for a visit already? Whereabouts are you planning on living there and what jobs do you do? Look forward to hearing from you. Lesley

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