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Looking to go to Melbourne!! Have Visa 175, will travel, need advice!!

Hi everyone. I have my Visa 175 due to being a nurse.
Only took 6 months. I think selling the house will take longer LOL.

Am looking to go to Melbourne possibly Epping/ Craigiburn area. Would love any ideas re Hospitals in the area.
I am really excited and my hubby and daughter (3 1/2) are looking forward to it too.

If anyone has any questions re application etc I am happy to help

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Comment by Kristin Dittrich on August 19, 2009 at 12:11
Hi there,

Not sure if you are still checking this web site, your last post seems a while ago. I assume you made it to Melbourne in the meantime.

We have just been granted out visa and are planning to move to Melbourne in January 2010. One of our major problems at the moment is finding temp accommodation for when we arrive. We really do not want to pay more than what a monthly rent for a flat would cost us. Have you had any experience with this? How easy was it to find a flat for rent once you got there?

Comment by Blackbag's Missus on January 16, 2009 at 15:57
We found the best way to do things was to get an agent. They take some of the stress out of it. I have to admit the paperwork before we even applied for the visa was intense i.e getting transcripts and stuff from the NMC sent over to the ANMC and the cost involved. Getting certificates verified by the appropiate legal authority cost pennies too. That took me a few months, then it was time to apply which we did in may 08 and our medicals in oct 08 (which was funnier than a Month Python sketch !!). Visa came Nov 26th so not bad really.
Agents such as Overseas Emigration that we used, are used to the stupid questions which i constantly asked them and answer them easily. I know people do it them selves but after you have spent all the time preparing your professional details you kind of don't want to do it all over again. It was worth the extra pennies
Hope thats some help to start of with
Good Luck xXx
Comment by Shebee on January 16, 2009 at 12:44
Hi there

Congratulstions on getting your 175 visa!!! We are about to apply. I am a paediatric nurse but also general trained. Where do I start please??? Any info very gratefully received.
We are hoping for Adelaide, but cant find any job info for paed nurses there so may have to rethink.

Comment by Jules Dight on December 9, 2008 at 20:46
Congratulations on getting your 175! We are about to apply for ours, my husband and I are both nurses. We have been told it will take us 10 -16 months so I am excited to hear that yours only took months.

We too are going to Melbourne and my hubby already has a job at Box Hill Hospital, he just rang the manager in the emergency department and got interviewed there and then!

We looked at Box Hill hospital when we were over there last year and found it to be a really nice place. Not sure where Epping is though.

Good luck!


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