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That ad in the Manly Daily for extras for Home and Away and other Aussie dramas seemed too good to be true...and it was! They wanted $295 for photos, to send to agents. I reckon thats how they make their money, with no guarantee of work at the end of it.

Ah, well, Home and Away isn't the same since Sally left anyway, who by the way is now gracing the airwaves on breakfast radio with a well known duo Merrick and Rosso on Nova 969. Good luck to her. Breakfast radio is very competitive here.

While I am on the subject of radio, the advertising is mad here. Driving along merrily on the way home from the school run, on comes an advertisement for longer lasting........well you can guess.....followed by awkward questions from the kids. "Whats nasal delivery technology Mom"..."Its when you blow your nose honey!"...

Time to switch channels.

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Comment by BJ on March 13, 2009 at 15:06
Yes all true Aoife!

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