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Nursing - Recruitment Companies vs Applying Direct

Skills Shortage Consulting can help you find a nursing position in any state within Australia. They also have a number of Aged Care facilities who are happy to sponsor applicants over the age of 45.

With nurses being in short supply throughout Australia - what are the advantages of applying through Skills Shortage Consulting vs applying direct?

Skills Shortage Consulting offer a free consultation with a MARA registered migration agent. It is important to get the right immigration advice for example whilst a 457 visa may be granted a little quicker you are a temporary resident which means that you do not receive entitlements that you would receive if you were a permanent resident - for example you may have to pay state school fees, you are not entitled to Medicare. Getting the advice of a professional MARA registered agent is important. Remember in Australia anyone who provides immigration advice must be a MARA registered agent.

Skills Shortage Consulting are able to negotiate the best possible salary package - being based in Australia and understanding the Australian market Skills Shortage Consulting are able to obtain the best possible salary package.

Skills Shortage Consulting will assist you in arranging short-term accomodation, airport pick-up, assistance in opening an Australian bank account, supply you with an Australian SIM card (the number will be emailed to you before you leave), help you apply for your TFN (Tax File Number - you cannot work without one of these) and a whole host of other services.

Skills Shortage Consulting will offer job search assistance to your partner.

Many of the team at Skills Shortage Consulting have migrated from overseas themselves. They understand what is like to move country and are there to answer your questions - no matter how trivial they may seem.

Skills Shortage Consulting -

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