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Hi all just a quick note to let you guys know what we thought and how we got on, well we loved it !!

South Australia

As you know we started off in Adelaide, in the low 30's when we touched down. Finally got a taxi big enough for all us lot and the luggage! Picked up the motorhome from Apollo (poor girl who sorted us out was one of only two people working that day, 4 people off sick and she had tell other people who had a booking that either their choice of van was not going to be available and they would have to have something else or they weren't going to have anything at all, and to top it off her boss said he'd be out of the office all day so she'd have to deal with those people on her own, what a nice boss to have.....not). After going through all the bits and bobs, we set off the find a caravan park and ended up at Semaphore (Adelaide Beach). Lovely place, had wild rabbits that had bred with domestic one's, and Jess thought that was great, feeding rabbits instead of ducks. Plus we had the beach behind us, couldn't ask for more, and would definately recommend it there.

Spent a day in Glenelg, very lively but laid back at the same time. They had a kids water fountain in the centre and Jess enjoyed running in and out of them.

Finally, we ended up going down the coast staying at various caravan parks
some good some not so good.

General verdict of South Australia : Got the thumbs up.


Went along The Great Ocean Road, stunning coastline but best viewed going from Melbourne to Adelaide, stopped off at The Twelve Appostles, stunning!! stayed again various parks, the best one was Kennet River, finally got to see our first Koala's, Kookaburra's and parrot's. Would recommend if you have kids, brill !!

Drove up the coast to Geelong, which didn't float our boat at all, a bit disappointing really.

We eventaully stayed at Springvale, spent about a week and a bit there, kept getting woken up by possums peeing and pooping on the roof! Spent day in Melbourne, ssoooo BIG ! my feet were so sore after all our treking around, didn't get to see it all. Chris bought me a beautiful necklace and earings from the Swarovski shop, which were apparently brought out for valentine's day, stunning dark red heart with silver necklace (he's such a sweetie my Chris, never ceases to amaze me).

Went to Werribbee Zoo for a day, which was ok. Then spent 4 days, yes 4 days, going round the show home sites near us. We now have a good grasp of open plan living. There were some truly stunning 4 bed houses and all in all the kids loved them, although Lee said he preferred the one that had an ensuite to every bedroom, well wouldn't we all !

General verdict of Victoria : Too busy for us, which now leaves us with a dilema.


Caught the Spirit of Tasmania ferry, first roast meal I had for over a month and wished I hadn't (If you get my meaning). Arrived some ungodly time in the morning, and had less than an hour to get sorted out and be ready to go down to the garages. Got down there to be greeted by a puppy, lovely grey colour, not sure what it was, asked a person near to me what his name was, "not mine, thought he was yours" came the reply. Ended up be the good samaritan going from the back of the ferry to front trying to find his owner, turns out the little devil made a run for it when his cage was opened by the porters ! Bet the owner never found that out.

Got off at Devonport and drove to a roadside bakery/cafe near Christmas Hill for breakfast. Stuffed our faces and had a lovely cup of tea and we carried on to Hobart, with beautiful scenery all the way and definately a lot greener than SA and Vic. We stayed at Treasure Island caravan park at Berriedale and stayed right by the water's edge. Got woken up most mornings by the local ducks, of which some decided to camp out under our van. Had a day in Hobart, quite lovely, especially the old buildings and the harbour bit. Had fish and chips there another day, couldn't get over the fact we could park up and watch the fishing boats come in, brill !

Moved on again to get a bit nearer the airport, especially as we had to drop the motorhome off at 8am. Although we needn't have worried as the resident cockerel did a good job of waking us up every morning. Went off to the nearby wildlife zoo and saw our first tassie devil, wallaby's and kangaroo's, well live one's that is, just seen roadkill up till then.

General verdict of Tassie : Truly stunning.

These are only our opinions based on where we stayed or drove through, so don't shoot me.


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