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Hi there i was just looking to see if any one has any idea what is going on with our skilled visa application. I started the ball rolling last year then completed and passed my carpenter and joiner test in october 08 then lodge my application on line on the 1st nov 08. Now My agent seems lke she does not care and has no idea her self what is going on. Has any one got any idea when or even if they are planning to grant skilled visa,s again. Dont no if its worth buying a house here in newcastle like my wife wants or just hang in there. Hope some one can help. Thanks

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Comment by Skills Shortage Consulting on April 17, 2009 at 12:54
I agree with Ryan - speak to a MARA agent. Has your agent not discussed the priorty processing introduced by DIAC with you? Many people have changed from 175 to 176 (state sponsored) to get their visa processed more quickly. If you're still on the 175 I think the answer is no-one knows how long non-CSL applications will take at the moment. You should go back to your agent or speak to a MARA registered agent to discuss all your options.
Comment by Jane Ford on April 16, 2009 at 19:38
I dont really know the answer to your question. Not sure if anyone will for sure, but have you tried asking this question on Its a site that I have found very useful. Lots of people in the same boat with some really great advice.

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