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Me and my husband are wanting to emigrate to australia with our 2 daughters but dont know where to start. My husband is an electrician and we have plenty of points for our visa but we just dont know where to start. We have tried to find property prices for houses in australia and also an idea on the kind of salary that my husband can expect but haven't got anywhere. I have also tried to find out how i can apply to go onto all these tv programmes like wanted down under and relocation, phil down under but again got nowhere. The areas in australia that we are interested in are Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane. Could someone please help us????

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Comment by DEBORAH JAYNE FRADLEY on January 28, 2010 at 9:57
Hi Nicola,
We are in a similar position. We decided last year that we wanted to emmigrate and filled in all the forms etc. Got an initial application lodged and now on our way to Vetassess in June for my husbands practical (plumber/gas fitter). We are using a great agent who is invaluable as the legislation for migration is changing at the moment and it is difficult to know what is the best way forward. I was told that you can do it yourself and i think you probably can but the expertise the agents have make you aware of the pitfalls which can add delays if your not careful. My husband is also about to sit an English exam which will increase the points he has, and this is something i would not have realised without Sammy(our agent). It is a lenghty process and Sammy has been totally honest with us about the current delays and the possiblity of two even three years wait. Doing it myself i think i would have always trying to run before i could walk and try to push but the professionalslike Sammy help take the stress. Life for now just continues as it did before and we are confident that our dream will come true eventually. My eldest daughter is 13 and my concern is her exams, but its best not too over speculate on the what ifs and continue with your existing life. The Australia & New Zealand Magazine is a great place to start with lots of useful websites you can look at. Also these blogs also help me believe that it will happen one day. The thing to do is just get started and ready to jump over several hurdles along the way. You know what they say, "where there's a will there a way". Good luck ,Debbie
Comment by jennifer salter on January 25, 2010 at 18:58
Hi Nicola

We found ourselves in the same position as yourselves back in 2007. My first bit of advice would be get a good agent and to put your application in at the very earliest possibility. My husband is bricklayer and it took a year to get everything together such as Vetasses assessments, police checks and medicals. We submitted our 176 visa in July 2008 and to date, have not had our visa approved. That is why I suggest you get it in at your very earliest chance. You will have a lot of time to do your research after that. our medicals and police checks have now all expired, so we wasted £1000 !!! We have resigned ourselves to the waiting game now but did think that it would be a lot easier than it has proved to be. Perhaps things will change now that the economic climate is on the up. I also tried to get onto the programmes you mention but to no avail ! Good luck with it all. Jen
Comment by John on January 25, 2010 at 14:25
Or get a copy of Australia & New Zealand magazine - its a good starting point.
Comment by John on January 25, 2010 at 14:25

If you want to go to Australia, come along to one of our Down Under Live shows. We've got a good range of free and independent advice and a seminar programme where you can hear all about Australia - what it costs to live there, house prices etc.

There's one this weekend in london, Leeds in march and then Birmingham in September.

Hope to see you there.

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