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Before making the journey to Sydney, I honestly didn't think it rained much here, or got cold for that matter. The winter woollies, rain jackets , hats and scarves and fleeces all got left behind. "Ha...fooled you", Sydney laughed at me that first winter and during my first storm,soaked to the skin.

Browsing through the shops, I had wondered why they were stocked up to the hilt with warm jumpers and fluffy coats. The first winter we didn't feel the cold too much I guess but as we acclimatised it hit us slap bang in the face.

The houses here are not built for the cold, with good insulation as they are back home. Central heating? Whats that? The odd house will have a fire or wood burning stoves are quite popular here. Gas heater are used in living areas and oil heaters scattered through the house in bedrooms etc, to keep the cold at bay.

I usually have to rug up to go to the bathroom, as it's like an icebox after the warmth of the gas heater in the living room.

Well, when it rains here, it really rains and rains. The storms are amazing, see one of my photos of a lightening strike. It has been raining almost persistantly here for the last week and temp has dropped from the 30's down to about 19/20 deg. Really weird for February which is usually hot and humid. It's supposed to get warm again though.

The water temperature is a lot colder than usual for this time of year close to the beaches, bringing with it sharks as you may have heard in the media. There has been 2 shark attacks in the last week in Sydney, one in the harbour, a navy diver in woolomoloo, and one in Bondi. Don't swim at dawn or dusk is what the die hard surfers are being told.

So hang on to that jumper that your Granny knitted for you at Christmas! You may need it someday!


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Comment by Jane Ford on February 24, 2009 at 17:59
Thanks for the tip! In the process of sorting out what to take and what to leave before making the move to Sydney. It has been the coldest winter here for ages. Its now 10 degrees and feels warm!!

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