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My own personal experience as an expat moving interstate numerous times alerted me to understanding the real concerns and important considerations faced by families when undertaking a move interstate or overseas.  I understand the stress involved having to leave loved ones and all the comforts of home.  

Making the decision to relocate to Perth could be the best move you will ever make, but without the right assistance on the ground, it could also be expensive and emotionally draining for you and your family.  At New In Town we know that every relocation presents a different set of challenges but they all have this much in common; leaving a familiar life behind and starting anew in an unknown city, establishing a new home, and dealing with transport, schooling, medical and other healthcare needs.

We remove distractions and solve the issues that inevitably arise when you are New In Town. Whether or not you require short term accommodation or something long term, we can assist you with a tailored orientation program to help you find where to live in Perth. If you would prefer to rent in Perth we conduct property searches, negotiate with property managers, and assist with tenancy agreements. We want you to feel completely at ease with your new surroundings.

Our relocation consultants have an excellent rapport with many of Perth’s property managers. We are at the forefront to provide several accommodation solutions.  We receive private leasings and listings from property managers on a regular basis, often prior to them being advertised.  Clients say they feel secure in the knowledge that we are there to act on their behalf when making this critical decision.  Rely on New In Town to assist with this vital aspect of your relocation.  

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