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Silver Fern Visa Opening Opportunties For People Who Can No Longer Emigrate to Australia

I am sure you heard the announcement of the new Silver Fern Visa in New Zealand, which will be launched officially in April 2010. This visa will offer a fantastic opportunity for skilled people under the age of 35 years, who are unable to apply for immigration to Australia.

New Zealand is a gorgeous country and offers many opportunities for a fantastic lifestyle, quite similar to Australia, however with the benefits of the gorgeous mountains and snow-sport opportunities.

The changes to immigration to Australia that were announced on February 8th, 2010, have meant that many foreign nationals have lost hope in their dream to emigrate down under. However, New Zealand's new Silver Fern Visa could be the answer to that lifestyle you have always wanted.

The Silver Fern Visa will not only mean that you can more easily move to New Zealand for work, it will act as a pathway to longer-term employment and emigration to New Zealand.

If you are interested in this visa, stay tuned for more information when this visa is launched in April 2010.

In the meantime, you may like to start doing some research on the New Zealand job market and determining whether you would be competitive applying for jobs in New Zealand. This website should prove to be useful in this respect: .

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Comment by Nadine Myers on September 30, 2010 at 15:39
Hi Tout Su - it is true! They filled up the positions within half an hour I believe, so anyone who was not online at the exact opening time with all of their information ready missed out.

Maybe next year they will increase the quota or change the process.
Comment by Tout Su on September 28, 2010 at 7:16
I heard that the Silver Fern Visa was very difficult to apply because the quotas were too few
Comment by John on February 28, 2010 at 22:13
You can find out more about the Silver Fern Visa on our website -

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