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Hi, after staying in oz for 6months over the past 2years i decided i want to move out there, its a big decision as im only 20, but i have lotsa mates out ther n thought why not now while i have no ties, no mortgage etc. I am qualifying as a social worker in July and have booked my ticket to oz for August on a years work visa with the aim of getting sponsored out there. Does anyone know what the social services system is like out there for accepting overseas social workers, obviously as im quite young and will have only just graduated i wont have lots of experience? Also does anyone know how easy it is to transfer to the temporary business visa wile ur out there?

If i cant get sponsored i am going to head to New Zealand and try and work there for a bit, can you apply for your skilled migration visa for Australia while in a different country?

Any advice or suggestions or just feedback would be really helpful and appreciated :)


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Comment by amanda1975 on March 25, 2009 at 21:28
HI ya god yeah that is young! I didnt think most Uni's take people that young... Well done you! ...Im also training to become a Social Worker, but currently in my first year. Id like to know when is best to start applying etc. I have two children on my own so would that make it harder??? Does anyone know?
Comment by Ryan Jones on March 9, 2009 at 12:20
Hi Natalie - you could try and email an expert down there directly if you like? Try they know and work with lots of people in the market, besrt contact there would be Gary Du Chateau.

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