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Thankyou everyone who replied to my letter.A couple of answers to your questions;my husband completed the vetassess assessment in June 2008 and our application was received by the DIAC in August 2008.At that time bricklayers were on the skills in demand list but were taken off by the following January.Since then we have tried really hard to get a company to sponsor us in Perth as they need bricklayers ( not on the list for Brisbane) and we have had no luck (which is not surprising, considering the amount of people asking ).We have thought about going out there on holiday to have a look around and try to find a sponsor but are not sure if it will be worth the expense (still considering that one !)

I didn't know much about the temporary visa so that info was useful and sounds like there is alot of expense involved.As im sure you all know agents and DIAC fees amount to plenty already !

As for the Down Under Live,we can't make this weekend and i'm not convinced that there will be any genuine sponsor offers considering how many people must attend these events.But if you have been successful this way please let me know .

In the mean time i shall keep on waiting and hoping .


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