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Well, there you go ... after all the disappointment over the house price and plumetting exchange rate, a contact I made in Oz has popped up and offered me a permanent job. So, we're currently in the middle of negotiating it all but essentially I'd be going over in January and working on a client site in Sydney which means I'd be back to living out of a hotel but that means they'd be picking up the tab for food, accomodation etc.

The wife would stay here to finish off the remaining small jobs on the house, get it on the market and come over once the house sells.

Now I need to find out how to a) send money back to the UK cheaply, b) get my pensions transferred to Oz without losing any money, c) get a Tax File Number, d) keep the house sale money in the UK til the exchange rate goes back up, e) get the job contract and get it signed.

Loads of hassle but at least I'd be there and we can work through everything else.

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Comment by John on September 22, 2009 at 9:59
Great news John - let us know how things are going!!

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