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yahoo, our visa's have arrived, now comes the scary stuff. Just told the kids school that they won,t be back after the summer. When the visa came through, here was me crying with fear and joy, my son crying with happiness that he was getting to leave his school {not quite got the bit about school also in oz regardless} and my daughter bawling her heart out with cries of " I don't want to leave my Granny". Gee wiz!!! More heartbreak have just found a new home for our baby dog she's a 3 year old westie, due to health problems she can't fly. Mother in law has only just came around and is back speaking to us. She always knew we were going but with the time it's taken (over a year) I think she thought it wouldn't happen. I have tried to rent a house but they are all immediate entry, so I'm just going to have to wait untill nearer the time. The house is going to go on the market for lease hopefully in the comming week. At the moment we're giving ourselves a year to see if it is what we want, if it is we'll come back and sell the house. Quite peeved by the poor exchange rate, but heho, what can we do! If anyone else is at this stage in the game drop me a line, we can exchange our horror stories.

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Comment by Kelly on June 9, 2009 at 1:14
Hi folks, OH MY GAWD, my blog was in the magazine, I was really chuffed. Anyhow I'm still trying desperatley to get away. The house is on the rental market, we have had a few people looking but no one as yet. So as in now, we are all still stuck here, slowly going daft with everyone we even faintly know asking "are you still here then" or "so do you have a date yet" to add insult to injury my laptop totally crashed and has been out of commision for 3 weeks (hopefully getting it back tomorow). So fingers crossed we get our house rented and start our adventure soon.
Comment by Kelly on May 6, 2009 at 16:08
Thanks Vicky good to know we're getting some things right. Just booked the flights for the 23rd of June, however it still depends on this place getting rented. It went on the internet yesterday, so heres hoping. I'm now going to get in touch with Rob to see if the house is going to be available for then. I'll maybe up it to 4wks but I was kinda hoping to get into a longterm rental sooner so I could organise the kids and schools before I have to start full time work. Well wish me luck its in the hands of the gods now, if I dont get this date then the next one is Feb 2010 YIPES!!!!!!!! Keep in touch Kelly
Comment by Vicky Gray on May 6, 2009 at 0:51
Hi Kelly,

Just been reading through your post and wanted to let you know that my family and I used Brisbane Bound when we first migrated over to Qld. W stayed in the house in Hendra, and it was probably the best possible thing we could have done.

Rob Lloyd who runs Brisbane Bound was so helpful - he steered us in the right direction for everything we needed in those first few weeks.... We actually booked in for 6 weeks and we were glad we did, as it takes a while to get your bearings etc.

Anyway, just thought I'd let you know that you are making a good choice!

Good luck with your adventure!

Comment by Kelly on May 5, 2009 at 12:17
wow, we really are same same here, my visa (457) took blooming ages. It was lodged last August and we got it 2 wks ago. The hold up was mostly the Queensland Nursing council, my visa couldn't get properly lodged untill all my qualifications were verified. I have just had the guy from the leasing place taking pictures of the house it goes on the internet this afternoon, honestly I feel sick. I know its only bricks and mortar but its our home and to think of other people in it, its weird. I think its the fact that we are so close to going now that the doubts are setting in. Anyhow what we did was remortged our house we borrowed £13,000, we've since being saving as well so we've got enough to manage financially for a year. We're not looking to buy, we wnat to look about and get a feel for the place to make sure Brissy is really where we want to settle, theres always a chance we might have to relocate up to Perth as Nigel works in the oil sector in Aberdeen and I don't know viably what he's going to do in Brisbane. We'll just have to see when we get there. Also when you get your permanent residency you are entitled to a first time owners grant from the goverment which something like $14,000, so its worth waiting. Also when we go as it is basically what we're standing in we're going to hopefully rent a fully furnished place for 2/3 weeks and try to rent a long term un furnished. There's a web site called brisbane bound that has 3 property's it leases out short term only, its one of them I'm going to try and get. As for our visa's all we've got is a print out from the email I got sent. It says I don't even have to carry it as immigration will have my details now and we're expected, also if you sign up to HIFX, they have a deal through westpac (aussie bank) with Quantas flights. Very discounted flights and 40kgs each person,baggage allowance even the kids get 40kgs. Anyhow keep in touch, If theres anything I can help you with give me a shout, good luck, Kelly
Comment by steven keast on May 5, 2009 at 9:26
Hi Kelly, sounds like we are in a similar position. My wifes been offered a position by Qld Health ( radiographer ) and i doubt that there is much chance of us selling our house in the current climate. We are some way behind on our schedule as Leesa's qualifications took 19 weeks to approve, they told us 16 Wk max!!. Anyhow, we are off to Brisbane hopefully mid-end Sept. ( 2 kids of our own and my step daughter)
I'm trying to get a handle on the position regarding getting property, i'm sure i've heard ( or could have dreamt,) that if there is enough equity in your house, some UK lenders will allow you to re-mortgage and take a lump sum which might at least serve as a deposit. That is assuming you can then rent out your own property. I'll try to find out more.
We are hopefully going to send off our Visa ES47 application at the end of the week. Qld Heath said they'd send a letter emphasising it was an urgent application, would you mind telling me how long your Visa application took and do they just send you a sticky paper Visa so you put it in your own passport?
Best regs Steven

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