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WA sponsorship - sufficient funds?

Hi all,

I am booked in to sit my IELTS test in May, and have sent off to have my skills assessed.

When I have these two completed I will be applying for Sponsorship from the WA government before applying for a General skilled offshore visa.

My question is, the WA government asks that you have "sufficient funds" to settle in Australia, a fairly loose term.

But how much is this deemed to be, and when do they require evidence?

My problem is, we only rent a house, and don't yet have much in the way of savings. However I'm expecting the whole process of migrating to take at least 18 months, by which time I'm expecting to have between £15k- £20k saved up.

Will this be classed as "sufficient funds"? and do I need to have evidence of this when I apply for state sponsorship? If so, this is going to set me back by a good 12-18 months.

Thanks in advance for your replies, and for info, I am from the UK, married, and will have 2 children by the time August 2010 arrives.

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