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Hi Everyone!

Don't know if any of you are watching the series 'Wanted Down Under' on BBC1 weekday mornings, but i find it really frustrating when they make it look like a flip of a flag decides wether you move to Oz or not!!! I watch it everyday and also have watched all past years series too, when the one lady was a nurse it really interested me. The work out there looks fantastic, they made it sound very appealing and that jobs are very easy to come by....great!!! But what they're still failing to tell wanabe emigraters is the fact that they have to sit the Academic IELTS test if you want to work as a nurse out there. Not once did they mention this and it can lead people to think that being a nurse you automatically get a visa granted....not true!! Without passing your academic IELTS test, the migration agencies can not progress with your visa as without a pass in this test they can not process the skills test, as my friend as encountered!!! I wish these programmes would emphasise these obstacles if they're going to advertise these lifestyles. I have sat my academic IELTS test as i too am a nurse. It was really difficult and myself and 2 other nurses failed the test. I am awaiting results as i have asked for my writing section to be re-marked. I failed by 0.5 points as you need a score of 7 (or more) out of 9 in each category and i scored 6.5 in my writing. Even though my overall score was 8.5 out of 9, it is still classed as a fail because the ANMC require 7 or more in each section. Please can we get this through to these TV programmes!! I have 18months to get my visa sorted as my eldest daughter is 18yrs in November and she has to remain in full time education to be classed as a dependant on my visa. She finishes 6th form school July '11 and so it is time limiting to get my IELTS passed, visa started, medicals etc.etc sorted before that time!!!!

Hope this is helpful to those nurses that are considering the move to Oz!!

Steph x

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Comment by Tracey Andrews on May 11, 2011 at 9:46

i am glad iam not the only one having problems i thought i was just me. i have been granted my nurse registration for OZ as i was told that i wouldnt have to do the ilets  or OET. this took 4 months and more money and at the end they told me that i have it in principal, but wont give me a my pin to do a modified skills assessment and avoid the ilets, untill i have a residental address which i cant get till i get there catch 22.

i have just sat the OET although it was more expensive it was nurse based.

 each section same  4 parts as the ilets.  and if you dont get one section you can re sit just one part.

this was still very hard to do but for me as iam dyslexic but they gave me extra time for each section which ilets wouldnt do. when i went to the exam center they they couldnt belive i had to sit this test as iam english.

yes its very frustrationg i just want to get on a plane and go.... just like u see on the show.

Comment by Damien on February 3, 2010 at 10:07
Hi Caroline. Sorry about the rant, I think I was just disappointed about what Perth has become after being there recently. I left there 9 years ago, have been back there a few times in between, and was planning on going back to live with my wife and kids. But we are now looking elsewhere. Perth used to be a sleepy back water famed for its cheap houses, big blocks, its beaches (still the best in the world!!) and its outdoor lifestyle. The last 5-7 years has seen Perth grow at a rate that was faster than China at one point, mainly due to mining. This also saw house prices triple due to a high demand for housing for mine workers coming into the state, but also due to easy credit (like everywhere else in the world) and massive speculation. This property bubble has slightly deflated over recent times, but never broke. And all the talk while I was there was about another housing boom due to the new Gorgon gas project. How high can house prices get!! People are obsessed with property and happily borrow 5-8 times their salary. I think Perth is heading for a big fall.

Perth can’t get enough doctors, nurses, police, teachers into the state as its so expensive. Most medical jobs are with the major hospitals which are all near to Perth, yet you would need £350k+ to get a half decent house anywhere near them. Don’t get me wrong, if you are tradesmen or if you want to work on the mines, then there is money to be made. But my wife is a doctor, yet a truck driver on the mines would get paid more than her.

Adelaide would be a good bet I think Caroline. Its not as expensive as Perth and hasn’t lost the plot. I’ve only been there a couple of times briefly for work and I have some mates from there who love it. The hills overlooking Adelaide and the coast are beautiful. Me... I think I will end up in Victoria or country New South Wales.

Good luck!
Comment by Adele McCarthy on January 30, 2010 at 18:48
Interesting to hear Damien's comments re Perth. What a shame that what was a gorgeous little city (we went about 10 years ago) has been so over developed, and is now so expensive that Aussies can't afford to live there. This is not something you'd know from the way that the show presents the suberbs, so very valuable info there Damien.
Caroline, hope your trip helps you to decide where to head for. I've never been to Adelaide, so would be interested to hear how you get on.
Comment by Caroline Christopher on January 30, 2010 at 17:09
Damien you just had a good rant there ! I completley agree with you about the show wanted down under . My partner and I were considering a move to Perth but after what you just said im not sure now . We have done a lot of research on and your right about being 40 miles way to get the sort of house we want . Are other choice is Adelaide do you no much about this state ? Where going out in Feb to both states so I shall make my mind up then but anymore info would be appreciated .
Comment by Damien on January 29, 2010 at 14:16
I'm an Australian living in the UK. I watch the program and it makes me laugh at how inaccurate it is and the quality of the areas they show. They must be in cahoots with the Australian Government to encourage more people to come over, but as a Perth boy I would recommend you do some serious research. Perth is now one of the most expensive cities in the world to live. A pint of beer is offically the world's most expensive (I never pais less than £5 when I was there 3 weeks ago). House prices are comparible to the South East areas of the UK and if you have anything less than £300k to spend, expect to live in newly developed outer suburb 40 miles away from the city with tiny blocks, no tress, no shops, cinemas, nothing!! Or you might get a complete tip in some dodgy old suburb east of the city. Its always the crappy suburbs they take the Brits to!

Having been in Perth most of my life, I can say it has gone really down hill due to the mass urban sprawl that has occurred in large part to the unregulated immigration policy. They don't build the infrastructure to keep up with the popluation growth and the environmental impact doesn't even get a mention! And the reason they are encouraging people to move to Perth is that everyone gets work in connection with mining and no one wants the low paid service jobs like medical, teaching, etc. They even have to bring in UK Police because Australian Police can't afford to buy a house there!! You don't see many of the shows advertising Melbourne and Sydney which have more stable economies, just Perth, Darwin, and Queensland.

And the people that go on the show!! Rarely do you a see a normal family. They all seem to be second marriages with grown up kids from their previous marriages who have no intention of joining them. Yet the parents seem quite happy moving to the other side of the world and leaving them. Most of the time it is only one partner who actually wants to go and the other has no intention of leaving the UK. I'm no Psychologist, but these families are in no position physically, mentally or emotionally to consider such a move. Half of them seem to only be on the show for a free trip.

Anyway catch the episodes next week to see the ones that actually move. And it won't be many! I bet you could have guessed which ones they were from watching last years episodes.

Comment by Laura Balling on January 26, 2010 at 13:36
It would be interesting if they did a revisited programme to see how many people actually ended up making the move and the problems they encountered on the way. It would be a more realistic look at the process.
Comment by Stephanie Bennett on January 19, 2010 at 19:38
Hi Ken, thanks for the encouraging words!! waiting to see if they've uplifted my ielts results, hopefully won't have to sit it again!!

Comment by Ken Fayers on January 19, 2010 at 12:54
Steph, Practice makes perfect. If you got a 6.5 last time then I'm sure you can get a 7 next time. Keep plugging away. There's no limit to how many times you can take the test (provided you can afford it).

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