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The time has finally come.  The house is on the market, the clutter is reducing and the flights and removals are booked.  We are emigrating to Perth Western Australia on the 20th September.  I am due to leave work on Friday after 12 years in the same job and its starting to feel like its definitely the end of an era!  We have a week when we get there to finalise the school we would like the children to go and to think about the exact street we want to live in as opposed to the suburb.  Luckily we have got family on hand to help us out.  Children are a bit up and down at the moment as we try to emphasise the positives of the move rather than the negatives and i am sure they will settle once we are actually there.  Its nearly the end of a 3 year journey from deciding we were actually going to do this to actually doing it.  Will try and keep my blog updated so that it gives anyone an insight who might be thinking of doing the same.  See you on the other side!

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