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where do we start - is there a checklist of things to do

I am british and my husband is austrailian. we have decided to move out to melbourne and its all happening quickly! Hope to be there in November so our little boy can start school in January.... but i dont know where to start. we have had an estimate from PSS Shipping (does anyone have epxerience of them?) and are going through immigration2oz (does anyone have experience from them) but other than that i dont know where to start... is there a checklist avaliable with a rough idea of what to do when! Also how have people found the expense of furniture in Oz.. is it worth doing a trip to ikea for flatpacked stuff before we go! Nay help appreciated

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Comment by clare kneebone on February 9, 2011 at 12:25
I have found aussie furniture to be of an excellent standard...much better than ikea, there are beautiful aussie hardwood timbers that you will get to know. I have lived there for 20 years, we are back in the uk to help our ageing parents but will return to oz. Look on ebay for bargains. Get a trailer over there. I like miele stuff and its dearer over there than here...but you will want a very large fridge probably with water and ice dispenser, so its best to buy that over there. Antique furniture is fun to have from here...but there is a multitude of furniture of interest from Asia our closer importers. good luck and enjoy!
Comment by Sarah Husselmann on February 9, 2011 at 3:19
I agree with Paul about shipping furniture, we moved from London to Sydney just over a year ago and didn't ship any furniture, nothing we had was really worth much so we started again here. We use Ikea alot here and there's an Ikea in Melbourne. I did regret not shipping more kitchen stuff (serving bowls and utensils) because it takes time to build this up again. I write a blog that help mums moving to Australia: In A stress free move to Australia I list some of the practical tasks we completed (or forgot!) in the lead up to our move. Happy planning!
Comment by Paul Johnson on February 4, 2011 at 14:16

Personally I wouldn't bother shipping furniture, unless it's antique (and bear in mind that wooden furniture may have to be fumigated on arrival).  The great thing about Aus is that you can haggle; there are deals to be done in most big shops if you are buying a lot.  I saved $250 last week on getting a TV and HDD/DVD player and a hoover from one shop and they threw in the cabling too!  We have IKEA here too of course, and the prices are comparable. 

Good luck with your move!

Comment by John on February 4, 2011 at 13:16

Hi Claire


Welcome aboard. You'll find a really handy emigration checklist at the back of Australia & New Zealand magazine which will hopefully act as a forward planner for your trip.



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