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Hey all,

I'm in my early 20's, live in Northern Ireland and have recently been considering a move to New Zealand (among other places). Problem is I don't know where to start! Ideally, I'd like to move in 2011, allowing me to build up some work experience (I.T. Sales). So basically have a few questions, some of which I'm sure you have answered a hundred times before!!

First, is it a good idea to use a migration agent? Initially I thought I could tackle it myself, but I have read into it and it seems that using an agent might be the easier option. Is there anyone here who has completed the move without the help of an agent? How did you find it?

Secondly, with regards to work experience - if I apply for a VISA now, will my work experience be taken into account as it currently stands, or will it be calculated on when I intend to move?

I had been searching the web for some stories of people who have made the move, and generally only found the usual 'success' stories. So I have started a blog - - to record everything. The idea is to update it regularly with the good and the bad that happens throughout the process, and maybe help other people at the same time. As we have only started out, the posts are quite short (thinking back I should have just posted them here :) )

Anyways, many thanks in advance!

P.s. Hope no one minds me posting the URL - if so feel free to remove it.

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Comment by Mary Miskelly on August 24, 2010 at 21:19
Hi Niall....I didnt use an agent....think they charge approx £1000 but dont quote me. I just read up on the visas myself...think last time I looked...there were about 26. I was too old for the working 12mth visa...thirtysomething lets say....knew my uncle in brisbane couldnt afford to sponsor it was either the temporary or permanent 175. I chose the skilled subclass 175...cause if im going to all this trouble.....want it to be for a while. mind you it took me 18 months (didnt know about the IELTS that i needed (so there goes 12mths waiting unnecessarily)....just done my medical and police fingers crossed for 2011.

Never been to NZ.....would like to some day....

what visa have you applied for then?

Comment by Niall Adams on June 6, 2009 at 18:52
Hi Jo,

Thanks for the reply - I'm glad you like the idea. It does help give an idea. I'm moving house at the minute, (unfortunately not to NZ yet!), so the blog updates have been very seldom - but I hope to get back into it shortly.

I'll definitely be paying a visit to your cake shop in Wanaka when we get there! Sounds pretty awesome!
Comment by Jo on June 6, 2009 at 14:22
Hello Niall!

I've been having a read of your blog, and I just wanted to say how much I've loved your suggestion of adding the weather in the destination of your choice on windows side bar. Such a simple idea, but fabulous! My dream is to have a cake shop in Wanaka, NZ, so I'm loving seeing their weather every day.

I've been to NZ twice so far with my husband but we have only made it up as far as the Coromandel peninsula so I don't think I can be of any use to you for Northland.

Good luck with the journey, we hope to emigrate in a similar timescale to you so I'll be reading your blog updates.

Jo :-)

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