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Australia is a big country. Often people move here without having visited Australia. What many do not realise is that the different states offer different lifestyles and climate.

If you enjoy the changing of seasons - look at Victoria or Tasmania. Even South Australia has more defined seasons than WA or Queensland.

South-east Queensland has a sub-tropical climate and although locals will tell you it's cold you can always spot newly arrived migrants from the UK walking around in shorts and t-shirts whilst people who've lived in Queensland for some time have winter coats on and say it's cold.

WA has colder winters than in south-east Queensland. It offers a quiet family lifestyle. The shops shut at 6pm during the week - apart from late night on Thursday and they do not open on Sunday. Perth tends to have estates and shopping malls. In the suburbs you don't see shops on the side of the road and it does have a very large ex-pat community.

Melbourne is famous for having all four seasons in one day. It does have more defined seasons (as does Tasmania). It has some of the best restaurants in Australia and in the CBD (Central Business District) you can always find a resturant open late at night. If you like Italian food - head to Lygon Street. The centre of Melbourne has a European feel and it is the fashion capital of Australia.

Sydney has everything you'd expect of a large city and as such property is more expensive in Sydney.

Tasmania is known for it's outstanding natural beauty - known as the nature state it has a climate not dissimilar to that of the UK.

Adelaide is known as the City of Churches. It has affordable properties and the economy is not resources based as are those in WA and Queensland.

So which part of Australia is for you? To find out more about Australia and the different lifestyles visit Migration Angel at

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Comment by Skills Shortage Consulting on March 25, 2009 at 4:50
Hi Keith

Thank you for adding this - it's important for people to realise that there are other parts of Australia beside the state capitals and that you can get a variety in seasons.

Australia is a big country with a diversity in climate and landscape. I would love to hear from others who live in different parts of Australia.
Comment by Le Loup on March 25, 2009 at 4:14
What about NEW ENGLANDin NEW SOUTH WALES ? I live near Armidale, which is not far from GUYRA, and URALLA, and TAMWORTH, and GLEN INNES, and INVERELL. Not everywhere is far from other towns and cities, though coming from England you might find the distances more than you are used to travelling. Armidale is a small city with lovely parks, not too much traffic, lovely countryside, and it is not too hot in summer, and not too cold in winter, though we do occasionally get snow so you will feel at home. If anyone wants more information about this area or if I can help you settle in, contact me.

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